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Winter Storm Rising From The West

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Snowfall forecast

An arctic blast is hitting the Northwest. There are some places expecting 18 inches of snow this week. This system will be the first real blast of arctic air to surge into the U.S. Heavy snowfall along with icy precipitation is expected throughout the Northeast. A strong arctic high-pressure system will then move in behind the cold air mass which is expected for the West and the Plains beginning Wednesday and lasting into the start of the weekend.

Expectation of Storm

Snow levels will remain low through the West, with accumulating snow expected in more populated areas compared to the last few winter storms. Low temperatures will be up to 25 degrees below average in interior portions of the Pacific Northwest and Rockies Thursday and Friday mornings. Overnight lows will range from single digits to well below zero in the northern and central Rockies beginning Thursday morning and lasting until Saturday morning. High temperatures in the central and southern Plains will only climb into the 20s and 30s, with 40s for highs as far south as Dallas.

This will lead to the coldest temperatures so far this season for many areas. A couple of examples include Helena, Montana, where the lowest temperature recorded so far this season is 14 degrees on Nov. 21; lows there are expected to drop to around zero this week. Reno, Nevada has seen the mercury drop as low as 21 degrees on Nov. 11; lows in the upper teens are in the forecast late this week or this weekend. The upper-level through, or southward dip in the jet stream, will dive across the West midweek and combined with a strong area of high pressure from Canada, the result will be the first blast of arctic air arriving in the West and Plains. Most of the information above was use from weather channel to give you the best up-to-date info.

Thanksgiving Travels

This storm will cause freezing rain and snow to continue at times, especially in western Texas Friday and Saturday. These conditions may create slick and dangerous travel conditions.

There are many different winter storm watches going into effect. Delays are anticipated across much of the West, including Interstate 15 in Utah, Idaho, and Montana; Interstate 80 in parts of California, Nevada, Utah and Wyoming; Interstate 90 in Montana; and possibly sections of Interstate 70 in Colorado.

Therefore Thanksgiving travel will most likely have delays.

Staying Warm

Hopefully before this arctic blast hit you were able to prepare your house for the cold.

Here are some recommendation from the Red Cross on “What should I do” in a winter storm.

  • Wear waterproof, insulated boots to keep your feet warm
  • Minimize travel, but if you must bring a winter survival kit.
  • Winterize your vehicle and keep the gas tank fuel
  • Bring pet inside to keep warm
  • Running water keeps the pipes from freezing so leave a drip going
  • Maintain your heating equipment

We hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving week, and we hope you stay safe and warm

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