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Installing an Envi Heater

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There are very few things as satisfying as bundling up inside your home on a chilly winter day with someone you love. On really cold days a blanket isn’t quite enough. Why not enjoy that time with a safe and warm Envi Heater? They are extremely efficient and very easy to install. However, as with any electrical product, there is a right way and a wrong way to install it and use it. This article will give you three simple steps to installing your Envi Heater. *Be sure to mount the heater near an outlet.

Installing the Wall Claw Anchors

After you receive your Envi Heater, remove the heater from the box and place it aside for the time being. Inside the box you will find and installation template. Remove that template from the box. Unfold the side flaps of the template box, but not the top or bottom flaps. Place the template against the wall where you want the Envi Heater mounted at and use the template to mark the two (2) mounting holes near the top of the template. This can be done with a sharp object, like a writing pen or a Phillips head screwdriver. Be sure to mark either the 6” or 8” height locations. Mark the single screw hole on the bottom of the template.

After you’ve settled on where your Envi heater will be mounted, screw in the Wall Claw Anchors but be careful if you are using a powered drill.

Screwing In the Envi Wall Hook

After you have screwed the wall claw anchors in, the next step is to screw in the wall mounting clips. When you are screwing them into the middle of the wall claw anchors, be sure that the arrows are facing up. When screwing the clips in, be sure there is enough of a gap behind the clip for the Envi Heater to mount onto. If you need to ensure there is enough of a gap, place a washer between the wall and the clip and gently tighten the clip until it is snug.

Hang the Envi Heater Onto the Wall Mounted Hooks

The last phase includes lifting the Envi Heater and mounting it on the wall clips. You should hear the “Wall-Sens” make a “click” sound once the Envi Heater is in place. You may need to lift one side of the heater to ensure the “Wall-Sens” is engaging. Finally, install the third screw at the bottom of the heater. *Some customers with plug-in heaters will skip this step.

That’s it!! Now, just plug in your Envi Heater and enjoy! With proper maintenance, you can enjoy it’s warmth for many winters to come.

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