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Victory Family Center: A Drug Abuse Rehab Center

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Victory Family Center Drug rehab

Drug addictions are one of the hardest things for a person to overcome. There are many who are fighting to overcome their addictions to make their lives better, and walk on a path of peace and hope. To support these people, there are organizations like Victory Family Center who's sole purpose is to help people overcome their addiction. We are grateful to our customers for allowing us as a company to help this organization as they help those in need.

Victory Family Center History

In 1994 the doors to Victory Family Center were open to helping people overcome their addictions. In 1995 they were “able to support men and women who are experiencing defeat from substance abuse calling these places their home.” This place of home and security is essential to the beginning process of being free from substance abuse. Over 20 years the Victory Family Center has been providing a home for those in need and we hope they continue to help people for another 20 years and beyond!

drug abuse victory family rehab

Power of Victory Family Center

Nationally, programs that are built for defeating substance abuse have a success rate of about 3-4%. However, this is different for the Victory Family Center. Their success rate is 60% for program graduates! This is amazing, and one of many reasons we support this successful program in our hometown of Houston TX even though “people come from all over the United States to experience the Victory they find in a "faith-filled" environment.” How are the people in a program going to find success in life, if the program they are in is not successful?

Victory Family Center Program

The program that Victory Family Center implements - works, and they have requirements for their residents. “(A resident) Must be willing to make a minimum 9 month commitment to the program. Our recovery center is a live-in residential program. Residents are not allowed to work during the program. While in the program residents participate in daily Chapel services, group sessions, Bible studies and various work activities designed to motivate and build character. All services are free. We do however ask family members to contribute if possible.”

victory of drug addiction

Ways to Help

There are many ways you can help this amazing organization.  You can buy bricks, banana bread, and premium coffee to help. Victory Family Center would love for you to get involved. Visit their website: http://victoryfamilycenter.org/ways_to_help

Here at eHeat Inc. we are proud to support this successful center in their mission. We are so grateful to our customers so we are able to support Victory Family Center. Make a difference this year!

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