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Winter Time Energy Saving Tips


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Winter is one of the hardest times to power your home and keep the bills from jumping up too high. Heating your home in the winter is already expensive enough. Save money and conserve this winter with these wintertime energy savings tips. You’ll spend less time paying bills and more time being warm without worrying about growing broke.

Quick And Cheap Energy Conserving Answers:
- Buy EnergyStar Products.
Using a product such as an EnergyStar fluorescent light bulb in fixtures can save you up to 75% more than using a regular light bulb.

-Install Low Flow Shower Heads.
Installing these low flow shower heads will cut back on the amount of hot water used and will save you 10% or more than you would normally be paying.

-Wrap Up Your Windows.
You can buy plastic sheeting to put over your windows that will prevent any cold air from seeping in through the cracks, only causing your home to be more chilly and causing you to crank up the thermostat for something that could be easily prevented.

-Jacket Insulation For Water Tanks.
Wrapping your water tank with a jacket can save you up to 10% on heating costs.

-Shorten Showers
Cutting your showers short will cut back on hot water and save you money.

-Open Up Blinds
Open up the blinds during the day to let heat in and close them at night to keep it out.

Energy Savers To Invest In:

-High Efficiency Windows.
High efficiency windows will keep out the cold. Replacing them for your old windows can save you 15%.

-Insulate Ceiling
An improperly or less insulated ceiling as compared to a fully insulated ceiling will save you 25% on heating costs.

-Replace Seal Ducts
Replace seal ducts can eliminate leaks and save you 25%.

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