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Temperatures Dropping From 85 To 55 In New York City

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Envi Heater temperature change in New York

Right now in New York City, NY the temperature is 82 degrees. Now this would not be a cause for alarm except that today is October, 19th!  The average temperature for today is 63 that means we are 20 degrees above normal and the hot weather has just not gone away for the northeast.

That is about to change…

What Has Been Happening in the Weather?

Well the simple answer is that it has just been dang hot! But why? Well professionals think it has to do with the El Nino of last year. Other are saying the returning of “the blob” west of Canada in the Pacific is to blame.

Whatever the reason the understanding is that this winter has had a very slow start. This has caused the northeast to suffer with temperatures that feel like summer through October. Soon this will change

The Change

“Cold Weather….coming to a place near you.” This could be the slogan that the weather guys use this weekend. The weather is going to take a major drop in temperature.

Major City “High Temperature” changes

  • New York City, NY is going from 85 degrees to 55 degrees
  • Chicago, IL – 70 degrees to 50 degrees
  • Washington DC – 83 degrees to 56 degrees
  • Charlotte, NC – 87 degrees to 64 degrees
  • Pittsburgh, PA – 76 degrees to 51 degrees

Time for us all to get ready to pull out the jackets and sweaters.

Are You Ready?

A major change in weather temperatures is not something new for Americans. However, with the delay in cold weather many people have not gone through the yearly check up on their heating system.

Make sure your system is ready to go! Call your electrician. Change your air filter. Turn your system on and get that nasty smell out of the house! Do a room check to make sure your whole house is getting the correct amount of heat.

Envi Heater temperature change in New York

Filling In The Gap

We all know that every year there is a room that is just chilly. This year you can make your whole house warm!

The Envi Heater is perfect for that chilly room. It is Ultra-Safe and you can mount it on the wall. Plug it in, set the temperature and walk away! Keep your whole house and family warm this winter season with the Envi from eheat.com

  • Ultra-Safe – Wall sensor technology
  • Mounts on wall
  • Completely Silent
  • Cool to the Touch
  • Easy to Install!

Find out more and read more reviews at eheat.com Get your Ultra-Safe heater today – The Envi Heater from eheat, Inc.

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