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When is the Best Time to Buy an Envi Heater?

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Have parts of your house turned bitterly cold over the winter months? The Arctic Blast that soared across America over the last month has sunk temperatures to historic lows, turning even the warmest pockets of our country into icy winter wonderlands. As much as we enjoy building snowmen or sledding on our driveways, many of our houses simply aren’t built to stay warm in such extreme conditions.

If you’ve felt your feet freeze up when coming out of the shower or sensed a bitter cold draft wafting into your living room while watching your favorite shows, it’s high time you considered buying an Envi Heater. Our heaters are ideal when it comes to fixing cold pockets in your house, such as bathrooms, entrances, and other rooms (130 to 150 square feet).

Getting rid of the cold is incredibly easy with Envi. Delivered straight to your doorstep, our premium heaters are super-simple to assemble on any wall - we’ve even included a handy frame to make the process even quicker! Our company is deeply concerned about the environment (and your pocket!) so we’ve made out heaters as energy-efficient as possible. You can program them to turn on at specific times (such as right before you wake up) to get even more juice out of them - with energy-costs as low as 4 cents an hour!

Don’t let your home freeze over the winter months! Remember: a warm family is a happy family. Keep yours happy & cozy with the Envi Heater.

What’s to come . . .

You’ve probably heard about the recent snowstorm that tore across the US. Thousands of flights have been cancelled, cities have shut down, and hundreds have been left out in the cold. The USA isn’t expecting to get hit that bad, but that doesn’t mean our shores won’t be getting real cold, real soon.

According to Reuters, much of the East Coast will see temperatures drop dramatically over the next week or so. The West Coast isn’t safe either; cold, torrential downpours are expected there too. It’s time to start preparing!

Keep your home warm throughout these cruel winter months with the Envi Heater. Make sure to check out our catalogue - and we’ll ship it to you within 1-2 business days for FREE*!

*please see FedEx Shipping map for more details. Click Here to see map. Only one coupon applies per order and can only be applied to the full retail price (MSRP $139.95) and not to any previously discounted rates. All prices are listed in USD.

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