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Go Green with Envi


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If you like high efficiency and space saving designs as your source of heat at home or at work, you really need to check out the high quality features and functional design of the Envi heater. When compared to other brands of the same type, they just can’t compare in terms of quality, efficiency, and value.

With today’s high energy costs that seem to be increasing every year, heating your home can be expensive; however, the space-saving Envi heaters are not only simple and safe to operate, but they are highly efficient as well; a large number of satisfied customers reported a savings of 50 percent or more in their heating bill while using Envi heaters.

Benefits of Envi Heaters:

1. The Envi heater runs completely silent and uses no fans, so you don’t hear fans kicking on and off as you try to sleep.

2. They are hypoallergenic.

3. Completely safe; stays cool to the touch and can run 24 hours a day unattended.

4. Includes an auto-shutoff with Wall-Sens TM technology.

5. The Envi heater has a sleek, stylish, space saving appearance.

6. Includes an auto-dimming power-light.

The Envi heater has superior qualities over other heaters claiming efficiency. The Envi heater includes a protective case, which maximize its fan-less operation and permits cold air to rise, which does just about all the work, increases warmth, and improves the overall energy efficiency.

After turning the Envi heater on and under a minute’s time, you will begin to feel a warm air current rising out of the top of the heater and creates a circulation in the room without the use of annoying fans. Envi heaters were designed for heating individual rooms as well, and they save additional cash by heating small areas instead of the entire home.

Envi heaters do need more time to take effect than the forced-air blasts from typical heaters and are more like floor heating. Envi heaters only require about 150 to 450 Watts to operate, which can be fine-tuned by adjusting the handy dial. Envi heaters make the room warm and comfortable in a natural way, and combined with a timer, you can manage the amount of energy you use.

The thin profile of Envi heaters is a nice touch, the heaters warm-up quickly; they always remain cool to the touch, and they operate quietly as well, making them a very safe choice. 

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