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There is a perfect solution for heating RV’s & Campers. It is called Envi – Heater! These spaces tend to get particularly cold and are hard to keep warm. You can use space heaters but they tend to use too much electricity and end up tripping the breaker.

The Envi - Heater is the best wall mount electric heater for RV's and Campers because it:

  • Saves energy - only cost 4 cents per hour & only pulls 3.8amps
  • Healthy - fanless - doesn't blow dust & allergens or dry the air
  • Ultra-safe - leave unattended 24/7; cool to the touch
  • Effective - 100% Pure Stack Convection; gentle whole room warmth
  • Silent - fanless design, auto dimming power light
  • Easy Install - installs on wall in minutes
  • Stylish - slim space saving design, 19" wide, 22' tall and 2" thin!

The Envi - Heater so affordable you can get one for every room to stay warm. 

Visit www.eheat.com to learn more and call 800-807-0107 with any questions you may have about this Envi - Heater.

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