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Travel Like A Boss!

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Are you a proud RV or Camper owner? Do you live life on the move, taking in the sights? Do you have an insatiable thirst for adventure? 

For those living on the go, there's an affordable, simple solution to your heating needs. It's called the Envi Heater and it was made thinking about people with an adventurous side. 

At just 2 inches thick, the Envi is perfect for any mobile home; it fits pretty much everywhere and is cool to the touch, meaning that no matter where you place it, our heater is sure to keep you safe and warm through the night!

Our heater is also incredibly energy efficient: it uses just 4 amps of power to operate and can be used from an inverter. Ideal if you're trying to warm up without draining you RV's entire battery!

We've also made sure to design the Envi so that it adapts easily to your camper walls; don't worry about bumps in the road or rough terrain, the Envi is sure to hang in there and keep you warm!

Don't waste time, money, and energy on space heaters that use too much electricity and end up tripping the breakers. Choose a heater that's already adapted to your needs and can follow your anywhere. 

Here's a few more details on RV owner's favorite heating system: 

  • Saves energy: costs just 4 cents per hour to operate & only pulls 3.8 amps. 
  • Healthy: The Envi's fanless system doesn't blow dust or allergens, and keeps the air humid.
  • Ultra-safe: Leave it unattended 24/7? No problem! The Envi is always cool to the touch.
  • Effective: 100% PureStack Convection System gently warms your rooms.
  • Silent: Our fanless design doesn't whir or make annoying noises. 
  • Installs easy: You can install an Envi on your wall in minutes thanks to our helpful frame!
  • Stylish: Envi's slim, space-saving design is just 19" wide, 22' tall and 2" thin!

All of this in one incredibly affordable package! Check out our product catalogue to find out more.

For life's adventures, choose Envi.


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