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Greatest heater ever!!

"We love this slim profile, efficient heater. Installed it in a room that had no heat previously, and it works perfectly and very efficiently. Very easy to install and operate."

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Save on Your Heating Bill
with Energy-Efficient Envi

Did you know that your heating is the biggest energy consumer in your household? Sure, central heat can warm your whole home—but you’re paying for heating you don’t need, and wasting money on heating rooms you’re not using.

Envi is a more efficient and effective way to heat your home. Your Envi wall mounted panel heater lets you warm only the rooms you need. By selecting the specific spaces you want to heat using Smart Zone Heating, Envi heaters can reduce your heating bill by 50% or more, paying for themselves in months!

Central heat can cost upwards of 12 cents per hour to run per room. Envi costs as little as 4c per hour. It’s a no-brainer, right?


Envi heaters can reduce heating bill by 50%

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Envi heating Smart Zone Heating

Envi - The Revolutionary

True Smart Zone Heating

Traditional central heating relies on one thermostat that measures temperature from your hallway, lounge or wherever else it sits in your house. Heat is then distributed unevenly across your home, and as a result some rooms become way too hot, and some too cold! Whether you need just one heater, or a whole housefull, Envi offers a game-changing alternative to this outdated, inefficient and expensive heating of the past. Stop wasting money heating rooms you’re not using and start saving money with the Envi heating solution!

Envi heaters are a zone heating solution and are revolutionary, smart approach to heating homes and businesses affordably. Warm each individual room to exactly how you like it and make thermostat wars a thing of the past.

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A superb American made product!!

"I ordered 5 of these units and although I haven’t installed them all yet, the ones I have are performing as expected. I’ve purchased Envi heaters previously, hence the reason I’ve ordered more. I use these heaters in my own home as well as my rental property, to heat areas the gas forced air ductwork wasnt installed.


Great heater

"I had a little problem getting the heater adapted to a very uneven wall in a 10 X 14 insulated shed I am making into a small wood shop, but after getting it mounted it has worked fine and kept the temperature at a steady degree of comfort and makes it easy to work around the heater since of the low profile."


Sleek and Functional

"These are great little units that pack a ton of heat. They are super sleek and heat our over the garage in-law unit perfectly. The price is affordable for what you get. I have tried other brands and this one is by far the best looking and best heating unit I have purchased. "


A Safer Wayto Warm Your House

If you’re worried about your family’s safety around heating units, you’re not alone. Other types of heaters like gas, oil, wood fires, and traditional electric heaters can spark, cause burns, and are dangerous to leave on around children and pets.

Envi delivers a safer way to warm your home. The exterior doesn’t get much hotter than room temperature, so you can leave it on 24/7 around curious children and energetic pets. Enhanced Wall-SensTM technology cuts power immediately if removed from the wall, and a thermal cutoff quickly shuts down your unit if the air vents become blocked.

With Envi, you get peace of mind—without sacrificing warmth and comfort.

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No Dust, No Mold, No Allergens:

Discover a Healthier Heating Option

If you’ve ever wondered why you’re feeling slow, lethargic, or your allergies are acting up, it may be your central heating. Central heating draws in everything from the outside air—dirt, dust, particles, germs, and blows it throughout the ducts of your home.

Your Envi wall-mounted panel heater uses pure convection technology to gently heat your rooms, and natural airflow to distribute warmth without a fan. This also creates a safer environment for you and your loved ones, by helping to protect you against potential airborne illnesses in your home. The heaters allow you to warm each room individually, so you can avoid forced central heating that transfers air (and potential bacteria) between multiple rooms.

Envi also won’t dry out the air, making it a much healthier and safer heating option for people with allergies or respiratory problems, dry eyes, and those who want to protect themselves against airborne viruses.

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Top Features

That Make Envi Unique

  • Energy Saving
    Energy Saving
  • Safe Heater
    Safe (For Children,
    Pets, Elderly)
  • Silent Heater
  • American Made Heater
    American Made
  • Simple Installing Heater
    Simple To Install
    And Operate
  • Slim Heater
    Slim and Unobtrusive
  • zone-heating-img
    Smart Zone Heating*
  • Smart Device Enabled heater
    Smart Device Enabled*
  • Programmable Heater
    Digital Controls &
    Programmable Schedules*
  • Environmentally Friendly Heater
    Alexa/Google Compatible*
  • Environmentally Friendly Heater
  • Healthy Heater

*Available for Smart Envi heater only.

What Sets eheat Apart

From Other Manufacturers?


Smart Heating That’s Proudly American-Made

You’re buying directly from the manufacturer, right here in the USA


20 Years Experience In The Heating Industry

A family-owned business since 2002


An Iron-Clad 3 Year Warranty

Peace of mind that you’ll stay warm and cozy


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Easy 30-day returns & exchanges so you can purchase risk-free

And that’s not all…

20+ Years

experience in home heating

Over 500,000

heaters sold

180 Million

Kilowatt of energy savings per year

$16 Million

in energy savings every single year

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So, Are You Ready to Live Warmly?

If you want to…

  • Stop spending too much money on heating your home or office …
  • Save energy and carbon emissions by only heating the rooms you need…
  • Have peace of mind knowing that your heater is safe to use around your family…
  • Say goodbye to unhealthy forced air heating… and
  • Stay warm and cozy in every room of the house at the touch of a button…
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There’s no better time to get the Envi heater in your life,

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