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eheat-usa.jpgWhy Buy American Built Heater Products is a 100% American owned company. The envi heater was designed by Americans for Americans and we are proud to support American industry by building our heater right here in America!

We do source some components from foreign sources so we cannot legally use the term "Made in the USA" because only products which have 100% domestic components can use that phrase.  I bet you didn't know that...we certainly didn't so we have changed our wording. But the bottom line is that we chose to build the envi heater in the USA, primarily for quality and safety reasons, but also because this would be a way for us to "give back" by helping to create American jobs.

If you know the history of our company, we used to import a Made in South Africa heater that had quality issues, particularly electrical issues.  We parted way with that manufacturer and designed and made our own envi heater.  In so doing we chose to build our heater here in America so that we could better ensure quality of manufacturing and (more importantly) final electrical testing.  While this is a much more expensive route than say, making the heater in China or some other lower wage country, we believe that we can better assure the proper quality control and testing standards for the ultimate safety and well being of our customers.


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