(TH115-A-120S) Programmable Digital Thermostat (High Capacity)

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    (TH115-A-120S) Programmable Digital Thermostat (High Capacity)

    Excellent product and addition to the Panel Wall Heaters. Set it and forget it.

    Alex H posted on 24th Apr 2022

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    perect fit with the heaters

    Had the Honeywell version for in floor heat. This one is the same but cheaper. Worked perfectly with the heaters. I have it controlling two in my basement.

    matt posted on 25th Mar 2017

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    Great Thermostat for a Great Price

    I did a little research before buying these Tstats and found that for the amount of options, design, and ease of installation, they are well worth their price. Installation was very easy and the overall look after installation is very nice and professional. Would buy them again in a heart beat.

    Jayme Richard posted on 12th Jan 2015

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    Easy to install and works flawlessly

    I've had four of these installed in my home for about five years now. They control four separate zones, all using envi heaters. I've been really impressed with how simple they were to install and how reliably they've functioned. I especially like how they're not just on or off, but regulate themselves according to the amount of energy needed to heat our home. They offer plenty of programming options and are easy to override when needed. If you have several eHeat products that you need to control in your home, I highly recommend these.

    Jay posted on 8th Dec 2014

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    Great product, Great price

    This Thermostat works just as i wanted. Easy to hook-up with supplied directions. I hooked it to my Envi Heaters, have it programmed to start warming my bathroom and living room 2 hrs before i get up and i have it stop when we usually go to bed. This is the same as the honeywell that you buy at home depot, just cost less. Other than the printed name on the unit they are the same. 2 flaps on the sides keep all the buttons hidden (and man there are a lot of buttons) so the unit looks sleek and modern. Highly recommend the product.

    Blake posted on 9th Sep 2014

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    The Best

    This product works very well- just as they described it. I appreciate it having the backlit screen so I don't need a flashlight when I want to make adjustments. Looks great on the wall with the controls hidden behind the easy to open doors. Luv it - And would definitely recommend it.

    Ladymax3 posted on 9th Sep 2014

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    Quality Product

    Not cheap, but good value. Quiet, solid, great display, good instructions and feature set. I'd buy this product and this brand again.

    M. Farrell posted on 9th Sep 2014

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    Awesome Thermostat

    You cannot appreciate the engineering and thought that went into this product until you begin to use it. It's almost as if the designers were intent on using it in their own homes when they were done. Absolutely great and solid design. I'd give it 7 stars if I could. Has features they don't even list. Easy and intuitive to program. Has supercap backup which is like a battery, but isn't. Easy to mount and service. Great display. Modern appearance. Extremely quiet. I now have three.

    Bob posted on 9th Sep 2014

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    Great deal!

    I am using this thermostat for radiant floor heat. It's a great deal, same or better than some that are twice the price. I love the fact that you can program each day differently to accommodate different schedule through the week. It is intuitive to program, has a vacation setting, lit display and looks great. This same thermostat was sold by SunTouch 3 years ago under the SunTouch name, for more than double the cost. Now SunTouch uses a different thermostat that only allows Mon-Fri and Sat/Sun settings.

    Dannie posted on 9th Sep 2014

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Each thermostat can control up to three (3) 500 watt envi wall mounted heaters. These high capacity thermostats provide for the greatest number of heaters to be controlled with a single thermostat. The TH115 is also the slimmest of all our thermostat models. TH115 is equipped with flexible programming to accommodate all types of schedules, a large and legible LCD screen as well as clearly identified buttons.

LOAD: 2000 watts @ 120 volts 16.7 A resistive load 250 watts min. (1A)


REGULATION: Proportional adaptive* ; 15 minute cycles

OPERATING MODES: Manual Automatic with temporary bypass

PROGRAMMING: 7-day independent programming, 4 settings / day Pre-programmed or personalized schedule** Early Start function** Temperature memory**

PROTECTION: Protected memory No battery required

CONNECTION: Single pole, 4 wires

SIZE: 70 x 124 x 23 mm 2.8 x 4.9 x 0.9 inches

* : This thermostat is equipped with a micro processor that analyses the system's past performances in order to optimize future commands. At the beginning of each cycle, the system sends a command that defines the portion of time the unit is heating during the next cycle.

** : The user can enter a daytime, night-time and vacation time temperature.


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    Aube / Honeywell
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How It Works

The Envi Heater’s innovative dual-stack design was born out of years of research and development. The results revealed that the most effective way to heat a room with the least amount of energy is by heating the air in a room using 100% natural convection.

The Envi Heater’s inner chambers feature simulated “stacks” of varying height, which boost airflow through the unit to maximize heat transfer. The end result of this technology is enhanced airflow and safe air temperature, all without the use of a fan!


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