(TH401) Non-Programmable Thermostat

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    Makes the heater super effective

    Makes the heater super effective I hardwired one of these into my RV and it is fantastic because the thermostat allows the heater to just barely come on. It also remembers what the temperature was the last time you were plugged in at an RV site or with the generator.

    Bruce posted on 13th Oct 2020

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    The non programable thermostat that does zone heating

    I have installed this non programmable thermostat in each living space; paired with a hardwired Envy heater. It creates zone heating. The heat setting is maintained making the room temperature consistent. No high and low spikes, just even heat. The operation range, low and high set points, current temperature display, backlighting and the little heat wave display make this non programmable thermostat an easy choice over the basic on/off thermostat for just a few more dollars.

    Kurt M posted on 24th May 2020

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    Not bad

    It is hard to find a thermostat that will work on old school wiring this one will, it does work well when installed it was questionable when I first hooked it up it was glitchy, before I had it installed on the wall but two weeks now and no complaints for the mo yes you can’t go wrong

    David posted on 13th Oct 2019

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    Great thermostat for the job.

    Replaced a mechanical dial type for my forced fan electric wall heater in the bathroom. I really like being able to see the ambient temperature of the room. Was easy to wire. Absolutely silent operation.

    Unknown posted on 6th Feb 2013

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Application This thermostat can be used to control an electric heating system such as electric baseboard heaters, electric radiant ceiling heaters, electric convectors and electric fan-forced heaters.

Mounting: Vertical

Color: White

Power Method: Hardwired

Electrical Connections: 6.0" (150mm) tinned copper lead wires

Switch Positions (System): C/F

Switch Type & Switching Action: TRIAC - SPST (Single Pole-Single Throw) - Perfect for Silent Switching

Cycle Time: 15 Seconds for non-fan-forced heaters / 5 minutes for fan-forced heaters

Accuracy: 0.27-0.9 F / 0.15-0.5 C (15 sec / 5 min cycles)

Dimensions: 5.0" X 3.3" X 1.2" / 127 mm x 85 mm x 30 mm

Temperature Setting Range: 40-85 F / 5-30 C

Electrical Ratings (min): Minimum Load: 0.83 Amps (resistive only) 200 watts @ 240/60 VAC, 100 watts @ 120/60 VAC

Electrical Ratings (max): Maximum Load: 10.4 Amps (resistive only) 2500 watts @ 240/60 VAC, 1250 watts @ 120/60 VAC

Sensor Element: Thermistor

Ambient Temperature Range: 32 F to 122 F / 0 C to 50 C

Comments: Backlit, On-screen heating power indicator. Minimum & Maximum temperature locks. Battery-free. Not to be used on central heating systems or systems that have an inductive load, such as boilers or forced-air furnaces.


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