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Envi heaters are wall-mounted, convection panel heaters, so they don't have a fan, which means there is no need for a filter and doesn't blow dust or allergens into the air. 500 watt heaters are meant for up to 150 sq. ft. rooms and 1000 watt heaters for rooms up to 350 sq. ft.

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Envi Heaters are Perfect for:

  • Electricians and Electrical Contractors
  • HVAC Contractors
  • CED/Hardware Stores
  • Apartments and Multi-Family Housing Management
  • Airbnb Properties
  • Tiny Home Builders

Envi Heater Technology


The dual-stack convection technology featured in the Envi was born out of years of research and development to find a solution to effectively and safely heat a room using the smallest possible amount of electrical heating energy.

Dozens of heating methods were evaluated to fine tune the Envi heater, but eventually the answer was found in a naturally occurring phenomena called the "stack effect". This provided the basis for and eventually we won a patent for the final Envi heater design. Natural convection, fanless heating is enhanced by simulating multiple pathways, or “stacks,” inside the Envi heater. This technology boosts the flow of cool air from the floor of a room, into the unit, and maximizes heat transfer out the top of the heater. The resulting process creates a slow moving transfer of warm air around the room, effectively warming the occupants.


(281) 516-1577

(ask for commercial sales)

or online:


See How Easy the Envi Wall-Mounted
Panel Heater is to Install Yourself

Worried about paying to get a contractor to install your new Envi heater? Think again. Jason Cameron explains how the Envi heater is designed to be installed and set-up at home, by yourself, in just 10 minutes or less.

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"We love this slim profile, efficient heater. Installed it in a room that had no heat previously, and it works perfectly and very efficiently. Very easy to install and operate."


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