Wall Mounted Electric Heaters to Keep Your Furry Friends Cozy and Content

29th Jan 2024

Are you a pet owner who's been on the lookout for the perfect solution to keep your beloved companions warm and content? What if you could give them a dedicated spot where they feel warm, safe and secure?

During those terribly chilly months, the struggle to maintain the right temperature for your pets can be a concern. Thankfully, wall mounted electric heaters like the Envi Heater might just be the perfect solution to keeping your furry friends warm and cozy.

How Winter Brings Discomfort to Humans and Pets Alike

Whenever the temperature plummets, we often find ourselves reaching for thicker clothes and cranking up those thermostats. The question is, what about our pets? Sure, they’ve got their natural coats to keep them warm. However, sometimes that may not be enough when you’re dealing with frigid temperatures.

For us, the cold can bring on uncomfortable chills, exacerbate chronic conditions like arthritis, and even compromise our immune system, making us more susceptible to illnesses.

But unlike us, pets, especially smaller animals and breeds with thin fur, lack the ability to regulate their body temperature as effectively. This leaves them vulnerable to rapid heat loss and potentially dangerous temperature drops. From shivers and sniffles to more serious concerns like joint pain, respiratory issues, and even anxiety, wintertime can pose a significant threat to their well-being, which is why having a well-heated home is a must.

Warming Up Your Home for Your Pets

As responsible pet owners, it's only natural to want our furry friends to be comfortable. Envi Heaters, which are wall-mounted and come with an array of modern features, offer the perfect solution.

                 Envi Heaters

Personalized Zones and Customizable Comfort

How often have you seen your cat lying about underneath the sun? Every pet has its own preferences when it comes to warmth. Some love to bask in the heat, while others prefer a slightly cooler spot.

At one point or another, we’ve all encountered the challenge of varying temperature preferences among different family members, including our beloved pets. What might be cozy for a feline friend might feel a bit too warm for a canine companion, and each family member in the household might have their unique comfort thresholds.

With the Envi Heater's customizable temperature settings, this problem is easily solved.

Your cat, notorious for seeking warmth, can lounge contentedly in a room set to a slightly higher temperature while you can go and enjoy a cooler setting in your workspace. The Envi Heater allows for the creation of personalized zones, ensuring each member of the household, furry or not, can relish their preferred level of warmth.

                 Envi Heaters

How Our New Powerful Smart Heater Benefits Your Home

More than just smart zone heating for each room in your home, our new 500w smart heater carries with it several other smart features that take warming up your home onto a whole other level.

  1. Timer and scheduling functions: One of the handiest features of this new powerful smart heater is the ability to schedule specific times that you want the heaters activated. If, for example, you often leave the office and arrive at your home at a specific time in the evening, you can easily schedule the heaters to switch on during your drive. That way, once you walk through the front door, every room is nice and toasty.
  2. Geofencing: If the timer isn’t a good enough feature, this powerful smart heater also has geofencing. This means that you can program the heaters to adjust the heat, as well as switch the heaters on and off depending on your location. This means no more worrying about whether you forgot to turn them off every time you leave the house.
  3. Google & Alexa Compatibility: A device wouldn’t be smart if Google and Alexa weren’t involved. If you find it a hassle to either get out of bed or pull out your phone just to adjust the temperature, you can opt to give out a voice command instead.

Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings

Beyond the comfort factor, all the various features of this amazing smart heater contribute to energy efficiency. In fact, despite the low wattage, this wall mounted electric heater can still heat 130 sq ft to 150 sq ft rooms.

There's no need to heat the entire home uniformly, especially when specific areas are unoccupied. Pet owners can adjust the temperature based on room usage, optimizing energy consumption and reducing utility costs.

This adaptability is particularly beneficial for pet owners who might have dedicated pet spaces, such as cozy corners with pet beds or window perches. These areas can be heated to perfection without affecting the overall temperature of the house, offering an energy-efficient solution tailored to both human and pet needs.

Safety First: Pet-Friendly Features:

The safety of our pets is a top priority. Envi Heaters come equipped with features that make them not only effective but also safe for your furry companions. The surface of the heater remains cool to the touch, minimizing the risk of burns. And because this is a wall mounted electric heater, its design ensures that it's less disruptive for energetic and playful paws.

Additionally, the Envi Heater boasts important safety features like Wall-Sens™, which will actually cut the power if the heater happens to be removed or knocked off of the wall it’s mounted on. Accidents happen, especially when cats and dogs start frantically chasing each other around the house. With the heater's automatic shut-off feature, you can have peace of mind.

Enjoy the Perfect Temperature Settings at Home

In essence, our Smart Envi heaters operate as a dual-purpose solution, catering to the comfort needs of both humans and pets. Their advanced smart features allow you to customize its settings to suit everyone’s preferences at home, and its economical benefits are second to none.

With the Envi Heater, there’s no reason to neglect providing your entire family (including the pets) the warmth and comfort they need to be able to relax at home. And as a responsible pet owner, the gift of warmth is the best gift you can offer to your furry companions.


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