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Envi High-Efficiency Whole Room 220v Hardwire Electric Panel Heater (HW1022T)

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Product Description


The new 220volt heaters are hardwired models for use with North American 208 to 245 volt electrical circuits and can be used as a direct replacement for 220/230volt baseboard heaters.

The envi™ Wall-Mounted Electric Panel Heater is one of the most efficient, stylish, and innovative space heaters ever developed. All of our envi Hardwired Heaters are perfect for commercial installations. This model (HW1022T) is a hardwire model and has a built in thermostat.


  • NEW - True Temperature-Controlling Thermostat. (Models HH1012THW1012T and HW1022T)
  • NEW - Wall-Sens(TM) Technology, safely cuts power to heater if it is removed from the wall. (All models)
  • NEW - Now rated for 475watts (10 - 13% heating performance increase) - all models.
  • NEW - Convenient Cordset storage inside heater to tuck away untidy power cord. (Plug-in models)
  • NEW - Hardwired models available, approved for commercial installation.  (HW1012T/HW1022T - with built in thermostat and HW1012N/HW1022N - with no built in thermostat)
  • NEW - Now CSA (Canadian) safety listed (All models). If you are in Canada, please go to www.eheat.com/canada and you will get FREE SHIPPING to any location in Canada!

The Technology

The dual-stack convection technology featured in the envi was born out of years of research and development by Conservetec. We wanted to find a solution for effectively heating a room using the smallest possible, amount of energy.

Dozens of heating methods were evaluated to fine tune the envi heater, but eventually the solution was found outside the traditional heating industry. A naturally occurring phenomena called the "stack effect" provided the basis for the final envi heater design.  Fanless heating could be enhanced by simulating multiple pathways, or “stacks,” inside the envi.  This technology boosts the flow of cool air from the floor of a room, into the unit, maximizing heat transfer out the top.  The resulting process creates a slow moving transfer of warm air around the room, effectively warming the occupants.

The result is a 100% pure convection, fanless heater that uses minimal energy but also effectively warms each room in the house or office.


The envi is:

  • Economical - low wattage technology (only 475watts), savings of up to 50 percent on heating bills can be expected
  • Efficient - 100% Pure Convection Heating
  • Innovative - New Patented Stack Convection Technology
  • Safe for children, seniors, and pets - Cool-to-the-touch (90degF), Wall-Sens(TM) technology and automatic thermal cutoff
  • Simple to install  - Installs in minutes, no drilling required
  • Slim - Just 2 inches deep
  • Stylish – Beautiful flowing curves compliment any room interior
  • Health-promoting - Fanless so it doesn't blow dust or allergens into the air
  • Sleep friendly - Silent and auto dimming on/off power light
  • American Built* – High Build Quality – ISO 9001 Quality Control Factory Certification 
  • Heats Room Size – 130 to 150 square feet
  • Built in Thermostat - Better temperature control
  • Sturdy & Crack Resistant – high tech 21st Century durable materials will not crack or separate at the seams.
  • Industry Leading Warranty – 3 years
  • Easy to clean – smooth wipe clean surface
  • Cord Storage - Cordset can be stored inside the heater for a more attractive look.
  • Hardwired Approved - Hardwired models are certified and approved for permanent electrical installation without need of a cord-buddy. The envi heater finally answers the need for a legal and safe, hardwired electric panel heater. (Only on models HW1012T, HW1012N, HW1022T and HW1022N)


Model Number: HW1022T
Voltage Rating: 220V, 2.15 Amps
Power Consumption: 475 Watts
Unit Size: 19.3 in. (W) x 2 in. (D) x 22.2 in. (H)
Unit Weight: 10 lbs (shipped weight 12lbs)
Color: Luxury White







  All shipments of two envi heaters or more made during the holiday season will be shipped with a indirect signature requirement



*contains both American & some foreign parts

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Product Reviews

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  1. Great product for home builders!

    Posted by Barbara Main on 3rd Oct 2017

    We have purchased these heaters several times in the past. We are home builders, and used them in a prior project - a basement, where the heat usually doesn't get to due to simple physics. But the heaters we installed warmed the space up really well. We were so impressed, we ordered two for the basement in our own home, and our daughter is replacing three in-wall blower-type heaters in her home with this heater, since they're so much more safe around children and pets. Plus, in small spaces, furniture can be closer to the heater. An awesome product!

  2. The Perfect Upgrade

    Posted by F.T. on 20th Jan 2017

    Our late 90’s model house came with Cadet zone heaters, notorious fire hazards and inefficient heaters. The 220 Volt envi is the perfect upgrade to replace the cadets. No more fan noise and a more even distribution of heat.

    The new locking bar on the envi is a great improvement on the new models and made installation a breeze. I fully indorse this product.

  3. does the job without sky high electric bill!

    Posted by Dennis Martinez on 6th Jan 2017

    We started with two units for our master bedroom and bathroom. Our all electric house has been expensive to hear in the past, and then it failed in our bedroom! So on the advice of a friend who is an electrician we purchased a plug in unit for the bedroom and a hardwired unit for the bathroom. We frequently have them running 24\7. We are warm and happy with the low electric bill. We just bought another one for the other bathroom to replace the old baseboard unit which we never turn on because it just sucks up the energy and our money! Highly recommend this product!

  4. childcare friendly!

    Posted by Kj childcare on 4th Jan 2017

    I am a small in home daycare provider. We had an 8ft baseboard hardwire baseboard heater and switched to the hardwire envi heater in the play area. It is safer and heats the space wonderfully. Completely silent while the children sleep and we are considering making the change upstairs as well! I have recommended them to all my fellow childcare providers whom have baseboard heat and need a safer way to stay warm. I scoured the internet and even considered fan powered ceiling mounts. This was the least costly most efficient solution. It looks great and works amazing! Thank you!

  5. Happy Tech

    Posted by Rafael Mendoza on 19th Dec 2016

    I have my own small shop in which I repair and sale use exercise equipment and have 2 public bathrooms which had the floor board heaters and all rusted and just not looking the greatest. I ordered 2 Eheat heaters each being 220vac on a Saturday and I received them on Wednesday and installed them the next Saturday. Can't really say how efficient they are as I only have had the for a few days. But as for now I am very happy with the look and how nice they heat.
    Thanks Eheat for a great product and quick turn around.

  6. Returning Customer, definitely recommend this heater

    Posted by Matt. V on 19th Nov 2016

    I bought the same heater last year as a replacement for an electric baseboard heater in a small room (9"×10") and was very pleased with it. This year, I replaced the baseboard heater in another room.

    The instalation is very simple and requires basic skills. The unit is compact but does an excellent job in heating the room while using 1/2 the electricity of a baseboard unit. The fact that it is mounted on the wall, frees up space as well.

    On-line order and delivery was great. Lastly, the price is right and it's made in the US!

  7. A great heater for a small bathroom!

    Posted by Pamela Case on 10th Nov 2016

    Ordering and delivery of this heating unit were excellent experiences. The heater was a bit larger than I had imagined. But it fits well and looks great in our newly tiled small bathroom. Very stylish! Heat output is quite good, here at 10,000 foot elevation in the Rocky Mountains and it does seem to just sip a little electricity now and then. I'm so glad I selected this heater!

  8. Great replacement wall heater

    Posted by Charles Nichols on 6th Nov 2016

    We had one of our original 40 year old wall heaters stop working and we were looking for a more modern and efficient replacement.
    The Envi unit was a perfect fit the the replacement and covered the old installation point like it was made for it.
    The ease of installation, the nice clean lines and appearance and the quiet operation make this great replacement.
    The significant reduction in electricity used over the previous unit is a significant bonus.

  9. Bought two last winter and loved them.

    Posted by D. Weeman on 19th Oct 2016

    We bought two last winter for a guest house. They were so easy to install and so foolproof for our guests, that we decided to replace all of our cadet heaters this winter with envi heaters. We like how quiet they are (the cadets wake us up in the night when they go off). We like that they are all white and blend in to our walls. We like that they are easy to install and are very energy efficient. Since the heat doesn't blow, they take longer to bring a room up to temp, but we just know to give them more time.

  10. Outstanding! Great baseboard Heater replacement!

    Posted by Unknown on 9th Oct 2016

    Last year I replaced a small recessed heater in our bathroom with one of these and it worked perfectly. Recently I replaced a baseboard heater in our sunroom with one of these and my wife said it's the first time it's ever been warm in there. I'm replacing another baseboard heater in our back entry today. My wife said she wants one in the spare bedroom also. Guess I'll have to order another one because they work so well. Can't say enough good things about them!

  11. nice upgrade

    Posted by Don Sparks on 13th May 2016

    Just had them installed today and they seem to work fine. Will get real test as next fall's temperature drops kick in up here at 7500 ft

  12. Simple install & easy operation

    Posted by Don M (SW Washington state) on 21st Apr 2016

    We are replacing hardwired ceramic heaters in a house built in 1944. Aside from the drywall patching and j-box location, the installation of this heater is very simple. My only issue was the locking screw mechanism as shown in manual is a bit misleading. It took a the customer service call to understand the mechanism is a simple self tapping screw that threads into the plastic hole provided.

    Operation on this hardwired, 220v, with built in thermostat is also a no brainer. Our weather has been warm so I cannot comment on actual effectiveness in uninsulated upstairs rooms, but when turned on they produce a surprizing amount of heat and I could feel it pulling the colder air at bottom of unit.

    In all, I would recommend these to anyone interested in upgrading outdated heaters ( baseboard, in-wall ceramic coil, etc.).

  13. Very Nice and Modern!

    Posted by Charles Gagnon on 18th Apr 2016

    I have not had it installed yet but from what I have read and getting the Envi heaters for our bedroom and spare room as part of our upgrading to Ductless Heating and Cooling system for our small house I believe the new wall heaters will be perfect for the job ! I especially like the way they work and cannot wait to get them installed soon and besides being very efficient they are very Nice looking heaters. Thank you for a Very Nice product plus they are made in the USA ! Charles G.

  14. Attractive and Functional

    Posted by Unknown on 4th Apr 2016

    Only installed a few days but so far the unit is working as advertised. I hung the unit in my master bath because my in-floor heat failed after five years. Warmed the entire room to 68º after a few hours. Room has stabilized and is comfortable. Wall does get a little warm but not overly hot. Only issue I had was the plastic screw-in fasteners = not sufficiently strong when I set the unit in place and it became a little loose. So I got regular molly bolts and those worked perfectly, no big deal or reason to reduce rating. I have the 240 hard wired unit and the electric hook-up was the easy part. I did use a plastic retro-fit electric box.

  15. Easiest to install.

    Posted by Unknown on 22nd Feb 2016

    Good hardware and simle monting. I currently have bought five of them. I had a faulty theromostat on one unit and it was replacd for me. The only down side was that I had to pay to ship it back. I tried two different electric baseboard heaters and three different thermostats in my wife's bathroom and the Envi was the unit that finally satisfied her.

  16. the sun room

    Posted by Danny on 11th Feb 2016

    I bought one last year in stalled it in my sons sun room were my grandkids play kept it nice put in a second one now its perfect order two for my other son house to put in basement to heat looking to see any other place to put one may put one in my house upstate NY to keep water pump from freezing over night had -9 on some nights

  17. Great heater!

    Posted by Tim C. on 10th Feb 2016

    I originally bought one for my home here in the US. It worked as advertised so I ordered 3 more for our vacation house overseas. I will ship it there as soon as they arrive.

    Thanks! Tim

  18. Envi High-Efficiency Whole Room 220v Hardwire Electric Panel Heater (HW1022T)

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd Feb 2016

    The custom service was excellent. I received information about the purchase and tracking from the very beginning.
    The installation was a easy as described. We have not had the opportunity to test the efficiency of the product due to it being just installed. At this point we have been very happy with our purchase.

  19. easy and warm, PA

    Posted by alex pochinok on 16th Jan 2016

    I ordered 3 of these heaters and received them fairly fast with in 4 days. They are defiantly quality made and are easy to install, they also work with existing thermostats if you have a 220v baseboard heater it is perfect replacement for those old heaters for these beautiful and space saving heaters. But you might need more then one if you have a very tall ceiling or room. In all 5 star rating in my book.

  20. Old and Cold Meet Sleek and Hot!

    Posted by Brenda on 7th Jan 2016

    I thought this heater would be a good choice for my 100+ year old house. This one went in my sons room as during the winter, even with the windows covered in plastic and heavy curtains he still had a thick layer of ice inside and sent a serious cold draft through the living room. I chose the 220 model since it uses less energy and to completely bypass the old wiring in that part of the house. Because of the new wiring required it took more than a few minutes to install and the mounting system seems less than quality, but it started heating as soon as I turned it on. It definitely needs the 48 hours to acclimate but it does put off a nice even heat afterward. It does make the wall quite hot, but that's to be expected. All in all we are pleased and plan to purchase more for other rooms in our small house here in Central Montana.

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