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Envi High-Efficiency Whole Room Plug-In Electric Panel Heater (HH1012T)

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Product Description

The Envi Wall-Mounted Electric Panel Heater is one of the most efficient, stylish, and innovative space heaters ever developed. We have introduced four new models, including for the first time ever, the Envi Hardwired Heater - perfect for commercial installations. This model however (HH1012T) is a plug-in model and has a built in thermostat.


  • NEW - True Temperature-Controlling Thermostat. (Models HH1012THW1012T and HW1022T)
  • NEW - Wall-Sens(TM) Technology, safely cuts power to heater if it is removed from the wall. (All models)
  • NEW - Now rated for 475watts (10 - 13% heating performance increase) - all models.
  • NEW - Convenient Cordset storage inside heater to tuck away untidy power cord. (Plug-in models)
  • NEWHardwired models available, approved for commercial installation.  (HW1012T/HW1022T - with built in thermostat andHW1012N/HW1022N - with no built in thermostat)
  • NEWNow CSA (Canadian) safety listed (All models). If you are in Canada, please go to www.eheat.ca and you will get FREE SHIPPING to any location in Canada!

The Technology

The dual-stack convection technology featured in the Envi was born out of years of research and development by Conservetec. We wanted to find a solution for effectively heating a room using the smallest possible, amount of energy.

Dozens of heating methods were evaluated to fine tune the envi heater, but eventually the solution was found outside the traditional heating industry. A naturally occurring phenomena called the "stack effect" provided the basis for the final envi heater design.  Fanless heating could be enhanced by simulating multiple pathways, or “stacks,” inside the envi.  This technology boosts the flow of cool air from the floor of a room, into the unit, maximizing heat transfer out the top.  The resulting process creates a slow moving transfer of warm air around the room, effectively warming the occupants.

The result is a 100% pure convection, fanless heater that uses minimal energy but also effectively warms each room in the house or office.


The envi is:

  • Economical - low wattage technology (only 475watts)
  • Efficient - 100% Pure Convection Heating
  • Innovative - New Patented Stack Convection Technology
  • Safe for children, seniors, and pets - Cool-to-the-touch (90°F), Wall-Sens(TM) technology and automatic thermal cutoff
  • Simple to install  - Installs in minutes, no drilling required
  • Slim - Just 2 inches deep
  • Stylish – Beautiful flowing curves compliment any room interior
  • Health-promoting - Fanless so it doesn't blow dust or allergens into the air
  • Sleep friendly - Silent and auto dimming on/off power light
  • American Owned & Built* – High Build Quality – ISO 9001 Quality Control Factory Certification
  • Heats Room Size – 130 to 150 square feet
  • Built in Thermostat - Better temperature control
  • Sturdy & Crack Resistant – high tech 21st Century durable materials will not crack or separate at the seams.
  • Industry Leading Warranty – 3 years
  • Easy to clean – smooth wipe clean surface
  • Cord Storage - Cordset can be stored inside the heater for a more attractive look.
  • Hardwired Approved - Hardwired models are certified and approved for permanent electrical installation without need of a cord-buddy under UL Safety Listing 2021. The envi heater finally answers the need for a legal and safe, hardwired electric panel heater. (Only on models HW1012T[N] and HW1022T[N])


Model Number: HH1012T
Voltage Rating: 120V, 3.95 Amps
Power Consumption: 475 Watts
Unit Size: 19.3 in. (W) x 2 in. (D) x 22.2 in. (H)
Unit Weight: 10 lbs (shipped weight 12lbs)
Color: Luxury White










*contains both American & some foreign parts

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Product Reviews

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  1. Felt the heat immediately

    Posted by John on 30th Sep 2014

    Installed three units in a very short time. Install was very easy. Turned them on and within a minute, I could feel heat begin to radiate from them. The room temperature was around 70 degrees, but started to feel much warmer within 10 minutes. I left them on for that long to burn off the new smell, which only lasted a few minutes. Based on their initial performance, I feel they will do very well when temperatures drop this winter. I am considering ordering a few more.

  2. Heater

    Posted by Unknown on 30th Sep 2014

    Set up is as easy as they say. However make sure your floor is level before marking the holes. Waiting for colder weather to put it to the test. Great buy!

  3. well made product

    Posted by Andrew Anderson on 30th Sep 2014

    Well packaged in hard sturdy cardboard container upon arrival by package delivery. Heater inside contained in a nice box clearly labeled. One complaint; i didn't see any message on box to save the interior cardboard frame to use as a template. I almost destroyed it before reading the instructions inside the box. Additionally; I didn't see (before opening seals) any wording that this was a plug in model rather than hard wired. Perhaps I missed it but if the wrong one was sent i would preferred to send the box back totally intact . As to the heater itself it appears to be a well manufactured item, solid and with clean lines with a pleasent appearance. The installation was a breeze for me, the template being spot on. The special instructions for plaster walls are in the owners manual which is good because not everyone has drywall in older homes.

    As to the operation of the heater, it cannot be easier. The heater is completely silent, and although it is still warm around here, i felt its heat at each level and i feel it will do the job i tended. But ask me again in February to be safe. In closing i will say that I am completely satisfied at the product, the price, the ease of installation and the delivery. Easily five stars. Thank you.

  4. Works extremely well!

    Posted by John Bulova on 30th Sep 2014

    This heater works as advertised. Quiet, efficient and gentle heat. It actually adds to the d├ęcor of the room. We just ordered two additional units for another area of the house. This is a rarity in that it is as good (if not better) than advertised.

  5. we like it

    Posted by antranik hamalian on 30th Sep 2014

    it work just fine and very effective and install on the wall looks like it belong there!

  6. So far, so good!

    Posted by Robert L. on 30th Sep 2014

    Just purchased my first EHeat unit. The process on line was quite simple and I was kept informed throughout the shipping period of the status. Once the unit was delivered, I immediately took note of the really impressive packaging used to ensure that the product arrived in good condition. I decided to install it right away, and just as was reported by other buyers, this was about the simplest installation of any product I have ever bought. It seems to be well built and it takes up no space in our three season sunroom. Since we have been experiencing a mild fall so far, I have not had an opportunity yet to see how quickly it will heat the room, but I tried it out and it immediately began putting out heat, with no sound whatsoever! I'm actually looking forward to our first cold snap so I can give this a true test run!

  7. Low cost heating

    Posted by Mike sutton on 29th Sep 2014

    I live in a 1920's built ranch in an addition which was built in the 80's. Unfortunately the HVAC was not extended to my room which has a concrete slab floor.It is freezing cold on a winters night so I put in a heating / air conditioning unit. It works fine but the noise! I am a very light sleeper and I had to decide if I wanted to be warm and tired or try to sleep in a sub zero room. Then I found eHeats, envi heater. No noise just warmth. Paired with a timer the result? A perfect nights sleep. If you want quiet heat this is the product for you!

  8. just what I needed

    Posted by Charles on 26th Sep 2014

    I heat my house with wood heat. My newborn daughter's room was not warm enough for her, so I went looking for a safe heater to place in there. This heater is exactly what I wanted. Quiet, the cord tucks away, thermostat, and most importantly safe to the touch. There is a light sound that this heater makes when it clicks on, but this is soft enough that it does not wake the baby. Even the on light auto dims so as not to disturb anyone. Room is an 8x8 room and it is easily kept at 72-77 degrees using the built in thermostat. Best of all it is set it and forget it. I am impressed and will recommend this to anyone with or without kids.

  9. impressed with this heater

    Posted by Unknown on 25th Sep 2014

    We put this heater in one of our cabin bedrooms. Approximate size of bedroom is 10x10. It does a very good job of keeping the room warm. With it hanging from a wall, it takes up very little room. It's quiet and efficient. I'm impressed.

  10. 4 Stars

    Posted by Henry Furtek on 25th Sep 2014

    Would give 5 stars,.. but have not used unit ,.. yet ... Very well packaged.

  11. great heaters

    Posted by james m balzano jr on 23rd Sep 2014

    It doesn't seem to use much power yet it warms a room in minutes. Excellent heaters. I have 2 of them and they keep our oil bill down.

  12. Just bought 2 more

    Posted by Nina K on 23rd Sep 2014

    We bought our first Envi for my elderly disabled mother in law's 10x10 bedroom. The house was built in 1881 and was very drafty.Turned out there was no insulation at all in the walls and we live in NH. Regular space heaters were out of the question as she would forget and throw blankets on the floor on top of them, obviously a huge fire hazard. As her caretaker I was determined to find a way to keep her safely at home. We tried the radiator type but the heat was too low and then too high, the thermostat didn't handle the drafty room well.

    The first Envi went on the wall in 15 min and I set it on high and watched to see if I'd need to put in a space heater besides. In a couple hours it was comfortable in the room though it was 10 degrees outside. The next day when I went to check on her, she asked me to turn it down as it was too warm for her! It ended up set at about 2/3 temp for the entire winter. She loved it, she'd pat it gently on the way by in her wheelchair, calling it her little buddy. When the elec bill went up only $16 that month I was so happy for her. Mom passed on and we kept that unit in storage. Now we are living in transtional housing while our house sells and we build another. It's a mobile home and while the heat works well, it was $350 for propane for one month this past March. Ouch!

    I put the Envi we had in the bathroom, and kept the door closed and it's toasty. Then we decided to put another in the master bedroom and one in the hall. Honestly I don't think we need the one in the hall as the bedroom one does the 13x13 room with gusto to spare. It may end up in the living room. We also bought one of these last year for my daughter, whose budget is limited, to help keep her heat bills down. I would never hesitate to recommend the Envi to anyone. My husband is a master electrician and he says he'll use these in the basement at the new house and we'll get the hardwired ones....so we'll be back :)

  13. Takes the chill off without using propane!

    Posted by SunnyID2 on 17th Sep 2014

    We bought two Envi heaters for the main room of our 1155 sf home, which has an older, very inefficient propane furnace system. Rather than spend $$$ this fall to upgrade the furnace, we installed two plug-in Envi heaters in the LR-kitchen area. One is on a programmable thermostat, so comes on early am to start taking the chill off.
    The second heater rarely comes on, as the first heater usually suffices to get temps up to tolerable (mid 60's) till the coffee and daytime sun warms us up.

    We're looking forward to seeing how the heaters perform when the winter weather really sets in. For now, our filled propane tank has not yet been touched; hopefully we won't have to fill it again till near winter's end!

    We also ordered a third heater to be installed soon in an insulated outdoor shop storage room- should keep the temps above freezing for our small business supplies! We'll be ordering again if we need one in the larger workshop area.

  14. Bought 3

    Posted by Alice MM on 17th Sep 2014

    I just added 2 to the one I bought 3 years ago. We heat with a pellet stove for economy but have a few chilly spots in our home. These heaters are perfect for that. One in the bathroom, and one in each kids bedroom upstairs. Keeps everyone comfortable. Easy to install and reasonable to run.

  15. Very pleased

    Posted by Unknown on 16th Sep 2014

    I just purchased two Envi wall heaters and will be using one in a chicken coop and one in a laundry room. The shipping and packaging was excellent. It was innovative to use the packing frame as a template. Installation was a snap. I have not turned them on yet but with temps going into the 30's up North they will be working soon. I will update review after they have been on for a couple of days.

  16. Better Than Expected

    Posted by Ted on 15th Sep 2014

    I just installed my first unit and it looks and seems to be performing great. We are still "testing" to determine if we need a second unit.
    The installation went pretty smooth and we really like the fact there is no fan blower noise.

  17. Highly recommended

    Posted by Carol on 15th Sep 2014

    I bought two of these last year for my home and found them exceptionally efficient and effective. So I bought two more -- one for our vacation home and another for the wood shop, which has had no heating and was impossible to use much of the winter. It hasn't been that cold since it was installed, but on the days it dropped below 40F, the entire building (about 500 sq ft) was toasty warm. I have been recommending them to my friends, and at least two have bought heaters this year.


    Posted by Unknown on 11th Sep 2014

    My wife does a lot of horse shows and the trailer had a loud, inefficient heater in it. I replaced it with this unit and was absolutey amazed by the heat it put out. Fits in a two inch deep recess and does not get in the way. Greatest heater I have seen in a long time. Wish I had had one years ago.

  19. Seem to work great

    Posted by James on 11th Sep 2014

    I Know friends who use the exposed ceramic-plate heaters with success, but was always nervous about how hot they got to the touch. Its September, so we're not into cold season yet and therefore this is a partial review. Got the 3 heaters promptly- and they were a breeze to put in. I read several reviews that said there was a "smell" when first turned on. This is true, but its that new-heater smell. I ran them for a few hours once installed, and the odor is all but gone. As for performance, once turned on- I could feel a solid "draft" of heat coming out of the top of the units. Casing stayed perfectly cool, and top was only warm to the touch. (They are in my kids rooms, this was important). They seem to work exactly as advertised. These will allow me to turn off the bedroom-zone of my oil furnace at night. Satisfied.

  20. Just What I needed

    Posted by Franklin on 10th Sep 2014

    My basement apartment had no heat at all. I a total of five heaters and hey work fantastic and I like the idea that the only use 475 watts compared to the ones I used to have that used 1500 watts.

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