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Bathroom Heaters: Choosing the Envi Heater

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The Envi Heater for Bathrooms

Can the Envi Heater adequately heat your bathroom? Absolutely! We believe our heaters to be uniquely suited to heating all kinds of bathrooms.

Bathroom Heaters

Many of us grew up with a heater in the bathroom. Do you remember that awful thing? It sat into the wall and was extremely hot to touch; you probably even burned yourself a couple of times. Remember this old looking heater in your bathroom?

The Envi heater for bathrooms

It's 2016 and nobody should be exposed to these awful, expensive, unsafe bathroom heaters! Envi is here to take their place!

Benefits of Using the Envi

First: Safety. The Envi is designed with an amazing front panel that is always cool to the touch. This means that while the heater is running at full heat, you can still walk up to it and put your hand on it and not get burnt. This is thanks to the fact that Envi is made with too-quality ABS plastic. 

Second: Envi doesn't dry out the air. Old heaters were well-known for creating a nasty “feel” when we turned it on.  The Envi creates a comfortable, warm environment in your bathroom. Imagine being able to step out of your shower to a natural feel that is not dried out, but warm and moist.

Third: Envi installs incredibly easy. Almost every old heater required a complicated installation process that usually turned into a fire hazard and ruined your bathroom walls. Installing the Envi, however, is incredibly simple: it requires the same set-up you'd need for hanging up a painting or poster. This means you won't have a huge whole in your wall as the Envi is only 2 inches thick, allowing you to save space and heat up even the smallest bathrooms.

Fourth: Envi Heaters are some of the quietest in the market. Oldceiling heaters make so much noise they'll probably end up driving you insane! The Envi is made with no moving parts, yet heats up to 130 - 150 square feet. You can also leave it on,  even while taking a hot shower!

Fifth: Envi's design is sleek and beautiful. Older heaters are an eyesore - do not compromise your home décor to keep it warm. Envi's sleek design is made to easily blend into the background and comes in both white and black. The white is also easily customizable and can be painted to blend into any background.

The Envi Heater for bathrooms

The Plug-in Envi

Many people hesitate before buying a heater because of how complicated it is to install one. Envi heaters, however, are incredibly easy to install! Just know we designed the Envi so anyone who could lift a drill could install our heater. Find our more here: “ How to Install (DIY)

Other features of the Envi are, but not limited to,

  • Ultra-Safe – Wall sensor technology
  • Mounts on wall
  • 4 cents an hour to operate
  • Locking bar
  • 3 Year Warranty & 30 Day Guarantee!
  • USA Made

Customer Review:

“A Great Heater for a Small Bathroom!

Ordering and delivery of this heating unit were excellent experiences. …it fits well and looks great in our newly tiled small bathroom. Very stylish! Heat output is quite good, here at 10,000 foot elevation in the Rocky Mountains and it does seem to just sip a little electricity now and then. I'm so glad I selected this heater!”

Find out more and read more reviews at

Get your bathroom a Envi heater today!

– The Envi Heater from eheat, Inc.

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