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World War II Veteran Recommends Envi Heater

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Meet Bill Gressinger, a 92 yr old, World War II Veteran

We have adopted as one of our Envi Heater Patron Saints. He lives in Oregon where he spends most of his free time working in his wood shop. Bill called after reading about the Envi Heater in a magazine and shared with us about his high heating bills. He asked for a little discount to buy one heater for his home. After passing the phone around the office, all the ladies came into my office with tears in their eyes and said, “Mark, you have to talk to this man and help him”. So I did and the rest is history.

Besides manufacturing and selling heaters, we here at eHeat are also about helping others whenever we can. One group of Americans I personally appreciate so much are those WWII vets who served our country during this time. There are not many of them left so it is our wonderful privilege to have been given the honor to bless Bill Gressinger. Well anyway, several months passed, and we had not heard from Bill until one day he called out of the blue and spoke to one of the girls in the office about his reduced heating bill. When they told me, I didn’t believe them and thought they must have heard wrong, so eventually after a few more weeks, we managed to get Bill on the phone again (he doesn’t have a cell phone and he doesn’t have a machine, so you have to get lucky to catch him when he is not pottering around in his woodshop).

After we got him on the phone here is what he said - word for word!

“I live in a 1973 mobile house. There is a little insulation in the ceiling and there is none in the walls. Three years ago, my wife became very ill and she passed away. And I’ve been living in the mobile house on my son’s property. In the winter here in Oregon, it’s been freezing and below all week and it’s still at freezing level today. I put the two Envi Heaters in here and just leave them on. Before I had to run my furnace and it was costing me anywhere from $230 to $250 a month during the December, January, February, and sometimes first few weeks of March. Now my last two bills I have saved 60% off my bills. I haven’t received my last bill but it has been colder and I’ve run my furnace a little bit. When it’s above 40 degrees outside, which it usually does, then I turn my furnace on 15-20 minutes and then leave the Envi’s on for the rest of the day. The living room has 2 doors into the kitchen area. I’ve shut the doors so that the Envi only heats up the living area. It’s about 400 square feet. I am so appreciative of Mark getting these heaters for me. They work wonderfully. I am so pleased with the heaters. They have dropped my heating bill to $111 a month.”

Bill Gressinger

It was our privilege to help Bill Gressinger save 54% on his heating bill. We are thankful to the men and women who serve our country and are willing to make the greatest sacrifice.

Truly – Thank You!

To find out more on how to save like this on your heating bill go to

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