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A Storm is Coming

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Envi Heater A Storm is coming

Right Now

In the news at this moment is the storm that is sweeping across the south from Houston (our hometown) all the way to Memphis. This storm is strong and dangerous. The State of Louisiana has declared a state of emergency, and in Texas one man was killed in the flooding.

If you are in the path of the storm please be safe and follow the best practices for strong storms. You can find out these practices at

Many tornados have come through Texas as well leaving many houses destroyed and leaving people lives changed forever. Our thoughts and prayers are with our fellow Texans and others standing in the path of this storm.

Envi Heater Storm of Northwest

The Future

While this storm is causing destruction across the southeast the Northwest is about to hit with a storm that is even stronger. The weather professionals are believing it will be even worse because the storm has a strong likelihood of rain & snow. This brings in a whole different factor – hypothermal.

We want all our customers and fellow Americans to stay safe during this time. Prepare for cold rainy weather as it comes to the Northwest. Here are some helping tips for staying safe in the snow storm

From Fresno to Seattle and everywhere in-between there are chances of up to 24in of snow coming for this weekend.

Staying Warm

With the El Nino and the overly warm winter that has transpired there is a belief that the spring will be just as warm.  However, this storm coming shows that the weather is just as unpredictable as this winter.  So do not be surprised if the weather continues to flux throughout until well after April. 

Staying warm is not difficult if you prepare beforehand.  The Envi Heater is the World's Best Wall-Mounted Electric Room Heater.  This one unit can heat 150sq ft for only 4 cents an hour to operate.  Find out more at

Stay Safe, Stay Warm

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