A Tiny House Heater That’s Energy Efficient | Best Electric Heater for Tiny House

Lucas Mantilla Garino | 16th Dec 2016

anuncio-pagado3If you’ve already taken the leap and decided to move into a Tiny House, then you already know how complicated it is to fit everything you want & need inside such a reduced space. Tiny Houses generally size up to be an average of 46 square feet; this means that all the furniture inside has to be able to fold up or hide inside the structure to free up space when needed. Some might even call the process of organizing space inside these houses “a sort of jigsaw puzzle;” there’s a set of things that every house absolutely must have and making sure they all fit can involve a great deal of juggling around.

One of the hardest things to fit inside a Tiny House is adequate heating. Old-school heaters are usually pretty bulky and hard to install, firewood-based heaters take up a lot of space and require air vents, & average electric heaters tend to hog electricity like crazy; this means that none are truly compatible with the unique necessities of a tiny house.


If you’ve chosen to live “tiny,” you’ve probably done so based on at least a few of these criteria: you were looking to live “green” or off the grid, you were looking to save some money, or you were simply fascinated by the idea of living comfortably in a portable, small space. Normally, most heaters aren’t able to adjust themselves to such a stringent set of basic criteria - but the Envi isn’t “most” heaters.

We’ve tried & tested the Envi heater to make sure it is compatible with the Tiny House lifestyle. Our sleek design is sure to fit in even the tiniest of tiny houses and can be installed in minutes with very little effort (we’ve even included a handy frame to help you speed up the process even more!). We’re also one of the greenest electric heaters in the market and cost only 4 cents an hour to operate! If you’re looking to move into a tiny house and are searching for a heater that will fit your needs, we’re sure you’ll find that the Envi Heater is ideally suited for the task.

The Envi’s patented heating-stacks technology works through convection and heats the air by recirculating it constantly. It’s always cool to the touch - meaning that even if you accidentally bump into it, you run no risk of burning yourself! Afraid that the incoming arctic blast will transform your house into an igloo? Our heater’s capacity is perfect for a Tiny House and will keep you warm even if your house isn’t fully insulated. Want to make sure your inobtrusive new Envi melds into the background? Easy-peasy! The surface of the white Envi Heater is fully customizable and can be easily painted over in any color you like.

Your tiny house deserves only the best of the best - and when it comes to heating, nothing’s more convenient, cheap, and environmentally-responsible than the Envi! Make sure to check out our product catalogue by clicking here.


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