Freezing Temperatures Heading To The US

James Hall | 1st Dec 2016


November has come to an end and, by all means, it was pretty warm. Many of us are wondering if these unusually warm temperatures are going to linger on over the next few months. Remember last year when Buffalo, the snowiest city in the United States, didn't get any snow in December? How likely is it that this scenario will repeat itself this year?

By looking at current weather patterns in Alaska we can safely say the answer to that question is a solid NO!


The Freezing Blast

If you look at the map above, you'll realize that temperatures in Alaska are well-below freezing at the moment. This shouldn't surprise anyone - it is Alaska, after all. What makes this weather map so special, then?

Simply put, these temperatures aren't just below freezing - they're downright frigid!

Normally, at this time of year Alaska is reaches -17 degrees at Fairbanks (with previous historical lows in the area reaching -27 degrees). Last night, however, temperatures dropped furiously, reaching -30 degrees in most areas near Fairbanks. That's not all; estimates for this weekend place temperatures even lower! These extremes are not common, much less in December. So, what's causing them? We can pinpoint the cause by looking at high air currents that are now swooping into the area. 

When Will It Hit the US?

This freezing blast should move through nation starting early next week and should move on by Saturday Dec 10th. We expect that by the end of that weekend, most of the continental US will be experiencing well below-average temperatures. 

As shown on the map, Tennessee and surrounding states will be the coldest parts of the US by end of day Saturday.

Why Is This Happening Now?

As we mentioned in a  previous blogpost, the weather in Russia predicts what the weather in the US will be like. Just like the US, Russia saw a ver slow start to winter this year.  

Temperatures in Russia have dropped considerably since, pointing to a pattern that is sure to repeat itself in our country. 

Weather conditions there have already reverberated here, causing the extremely cold weather we're already seeing in Alaska and, soon, across the entirety of the continental US. 

Are We Ready?

The US government is already preparing for rough conditions this winter - so believe us when we say that you ought to be preparing! It's not easy for the government to always accurately predict how harsh winter will be - particularly when conditions change as quickly as they do nowadays. Don't worry too much, though. There's very easy ways to prepare for what's to come in a non-costly way, and without having to leave your house!

Preparing for Next Week

Envi Heaters are ideal for keeping warm through the extreme temperatures of this coming winter. 

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