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The “Siberian Express” Could Impact America with Longest Coldest Winter in Decades!

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The Envi Heater and the siberian express

There is no doubt that in America it has been warm, if not downright hot, throughout this fall. New York City right now is at 65 degrees, and it seems like it is never going to change! Where is the autumn we were all promised?

The Shocking Hot Weather, but Not Really That Shocking

Well, you do not have to be a genius to know that the weather this fall has been warm. Today, on Nov 8 th , the temperature is over 80 degrees! Why? What is going on!

According to experts this year winter has delayed back a few months. No one is shocked at the weather, because the same thing happened to countries around the world this year: they all had a very late start to winter. North America is just 2 months behind!

So what does this mean?

It’s Really Cold in Australia

Right now the weather should be turning into summer time in Australia, but it is not happening!

Their winter in Australia should be coming to an end in November, like what happens for us in April and May.  This crazy change makes sense in light of world as a whole, but just looking at America it would seem we are experiencing the worst case of global warming EVER!

It’s just not true!

The Envi Heater and the siberian express

The Long Winter Soon to Come – “Siberian Express”

Right now, Siberia is experiencing an extreme wave of cold weather. So cold, in fact, they are calling it the “Siberian Express.” They received over 10 feet of snow drop in just three days! This might not seem like a shock because it's always cold there, but this is different....this is extreme!

Siberia is responsible for America’s winters. Why? When Siberia has strong winters, it allows the cold in the north to be stronger, thus allowing more cold to fall further south into the United States.

Are you ready for a cold, long winter?

Staying Warm Longer – The Envi Heater

With all of the evidence pointing toward this winter being colder but starting later, you should be asking yourself one simple question – “How do I stay warm?”

Our answer – The Envi Heater from eHeat!

We want to provide the best heating experience in the world and want to fulfill this dream by providing the best heater, which is the Envi Heater.  It has many features that separate us from the rest of the world!

The Envi Heater and the siberian express


  • Cool to the Touch Front Panel
  • WallSen Safety Sensor Technology
  • Completely Silent
  • 100% Pure Convection Heating
  • Wall Mounted

Individual Space Heating

  • Heats 130-150sq ft at only 4 cents an hour!
  • Zone Heating - Heat only the rooms you need
  • Save up to 50% on your heating bill
  • Seasonal heating

We strongly believe the Envi Heater is the best wall mounted electric room heater on the planet!  We want you to have the best heating experience in the world!  Follow this link to find out more at

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