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America & Goliath: A Massive Storm

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Goliath Winter Storm

We are located in the state of Texas where the winter storm Goliath has claimed the lives of 11 fellow Texans. Our thoughts and prayers go out to families and loved ones of these fellow Texans. Please take a moment of silence for them.

The massive winter storm Goliath is continuing to make its way across America causing tornado warnings and winter advisories throughout most of the US. Make sure yourself and loved ones are ready for days ahead of colder weather.

What Has Happened So Far

Goliath became known as a large storm in Texas when Dallas got hit hard with tornados. The winds in Texas were able to get up to 200mph, which allowed for an EF-4 level tornado. Throughout the Midwest there has been a large amount of flooding which sadly has lead to the death total to 26 throughout the US. This same front changed the weather in all of Texas so quickly it took some by surprise. Saturday, the day after Christmas, the temperature was in the 80’s in Texas but after Goliath hit on Sunday all of the temperatures were in the 40’s. Yesterday most of the west side of Texas has been in a blizzard with temperatures well below freezing. Goliath brings a strong definition to a term massive winter storm.

winter storm snow fall totals

What Will Happen

According to meteorologist Goliath is heading Northeast. Winter Storm Goliath will continue to spread a wintry mix of snow, sleet and freezing rain through the Northeast today, making for a messy morning commute in the region. Some snow from the storm will also linger in the Midwest. This will lead to a snow count for some places as high as a foot of snow on top of what is already on the ground.

There is also a strong case for there being some additional snow fall throughout Tuesday into Wednesday in the Midwest. This might cause some problems as Goliath has already pass through, but seems to be leaving a snow wall in its path. People living in these areas should prepare for a snow filled week as they bring in the New Year.

How Much Snow Has Fallen

Goliath dumped up to an estimated 30 inches of snow on Cloudcroft, New Mexico, where strong winds caused power outages as well. Ski Apache in southeast New Mexico saw 41 inches of snow. El Paso International Airport picked up 8.1 inches of snow, which exceeds their average annual snowfall of 5.5 inches. Parts of the Midland, Texas, metro area picked up 7 inches of snow from Goliath. Roswell, New Mexico, saw a record one-day snowfall of 12.4 inches on Sunday with a storm total of 15.6 inches including Saturday.

Thunder-snow was observed in parts of west Texas on early Sunday afternoon, including in San Angelo. Light snow and sleet even fell for a few hours Sunday afternoon in Del Rio, Texas, where the last accumulating snow fell in February 2012. These snowfall counts were taken from

Snowfall in Texas

New Year of 2016

As we bring in the New Year this week we hope you have a wonderful week with friends and family.  As the winter moves in we want to help you stay warm by offering a 15% discount on our Envi Heater. Just use the code: NYES16

Have a Happy New Year!

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