Banish Bathroom Chills: Why the Envi Heater is the Best Bathroom Heater

16th May 2024

No one loves a frosty bathroom. Without a proper bathroom heater, bathing is just filled with chattering teeth, goosebump-inducing tiles, and towels that never quite feel warm enough. Yes, there are several heaters out in the market that can help keep that bathroom warm and toasty even in the lowest of temperatures, but how well do they really fare? And how safe, exactly, are they?

Well, thankfully, there's a solution that's not only effective, but stylish and safe: the Envi wall-mounted electric panel heater. It’s the epitome of safety, style, and comfort, designed to banish the chills and make your bathroom a true winter sanctuary.

Do Bathrooms Need Heaters?

Absolutely! Imagine stepping out of a steaming shower into a bone-chilling room. Not exactly the recipe for post-bath comfort, right? That sudden change in temperature can cause a lot of discomfort, especially if you just came from a hot shower. Worst case scenario, you may even end up catching a cold because of this sudden shift in temperature.


How Do I Choose a Heater for My Bathroom?

Given the various choices for a bathroom heater that exist, making the actual decision can feel like navigating a maze. There are a couple of things to consider for your bathroom heater, however, that make the choice much easier:

  • Size: Measure your square footage and put into consideration the area that your heater can cover. Remember, bigger isn't always better – a powerful heater in a tiny space can be awkward and unsafe, which is why we think the Envi makes for a great bathroom heating solution with its slim wall-mounted profile.
  • Style: Don't let function trump form! Choose a heater that complements your bathroom's aesthetic. Envi heaters, for example, boast sleek designs that add a touch of modern elegance to any space.
  • Features: Want a heater that will efficiently heat your bathroom at certain times of the day, or that can be controlled by an app on your phone? The Smart Envi covers all those bases and more. This smart heater packs a ton of useful modern features that make it ideal as a bathroom heater.

Why the Envi heater is the Perfect Bathroom Heater

Traditional space heaters may be the go-to solution for warming up a living room, but when it comes to bathrooms, they often fall short, posing safety risks and inconveniences. Envi Heaters step into this scenario as an innovative alternative, addressing common concerns and redefining safety in bathroom heating.

Forget clunky, obtrusive heaters! The Envi's sleek, wall-mounted design blends seamlessly with any decor, reeling in that sense of modern elegance in your bathroom. But its beauty is more than skin-deep.

  • Safety First: Unlike its space-heater competition, the Envi boasts a cool-to-the-touch surface, eliminating any burn risks. Plus, its water-resistant construction and sealed electronics stand up to even the steamiest showers.
  • Quiet Comfort: No more disruptive fan noise! The Envi uses natural convection to gently warm the air, enveloping you in a cone of quiet comfort—perfect for those melodious solo concerts in the shower.
  • Efficiency Champion: Say goodbye to skyrocketing energy bills. The Envi's low-wattage operation is kind to your wallet and the planet. Available in 500 watts and 1000 watts, these wall heaters are the optimal choice if you’re looking to heat up your space without ramping up the electric bill.
  • Customizable Comfort: Set your ideal temperature with the Envi's intuitive thermostat and timer, ensuring your bathroom is toasty just when you need it. What’s more, these smart heaters are customizable for each room that you have them in. Your bathroom temperature could be vastly different from, say, your bedroom, where you may or may not like it a little bit cooler.
  • Effortless Maintenance: No fuel, complicated installations, or dust-collecting vents – the Envi is a breeze to clean and maintain.

Here are a few questions we commonly hear in regards to electric bathroom heaters:

Are electric heaters in bathrooms safe?

Yes, safe electric heaters like the Envi are the most common choice for bathrooms, and are definitely safe to install, provided you place them in a dry, appropriate spot and use them as directed.

Can I put an electric heater in my bathroom?

Yes, but with caution. Check your local building codes for specific regulations on heater placement and types allowed in bathrooms. Generally, you should place your heater:

  • Away from water sources: Don't install it directly above the bathtub, shower, or sink.
  • In a well-insulated area: To get the most out of your heater, choose locations that are well-insulated in order to prevent or minimize heat loss.
  • With good ventilation: Ensure proper air circulation to prevent moisture buildup.

Consult a professional electrician if you're unsure, as ensuring safety is non-negotiable.

Where should a bathroom heater be placed?

As mentioned, keep your heater away from water sources like showers, bathtubs, and sinks. Wall-mounted heaters like the Envi offer the perfect compromise, providing warmth without cluttering the floor space. These two locations are highly recommended for Envi bathroom heaters:

  • At least 6-8 inches from the floor: This is the recommended placement for the Envi heater, as the process of convection heating means that it’s drawing in cold air from the floor, and then transforming that into hot air and distributing it evenly across the room.
  • On an interior wall: Avoid placing it on an exterior wall that loses heat more readily.
  • Away from doors and windows: This minimizes heat loss from drafts.

Bonus Tip: Opt for timers or smart thermostats to control your heater usage, saving energy and ensuring your bathroom isn't an inferno when you return.

Enjoy Your Daily Bath with the Envi Bathroom Heater

The Envi heater isn't just about banishing bathroom chills; it's about bringing comfort and relaxation to your bath. It's about savoring those quiet mornings wrapped in warmth, or enjoying post-work soaks in a steamy shower. It's about transforming your bathroom into a space you truly love, a space that welcomes you with open arms (and a gentle, radiant embrace).

So, ditch the shiver-inducing showers and choose a bathroom heater that blends in safety, style, and efficiency. The Envi heater is the ultimate choice for your bathroom. Invest in warmth, invest in comfort, invest in the Envi heater – and say your final goodbyes to those bathroom chills.


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