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What is California Title 24?

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California Title 24 Heating Solutions

Title 24 to some is a cause for bad thoughts and evil words. Where for others Title 24 is a revolutionary standard that is leading the way to help save the earth through humanity being healthier and more efficient at energy use. Whichever side you stand on the residents of California must abide by Title 24. So it is as good as they say it is?

Title 24 the Law

It is a good thing to be a country built on law. It allows all the citizens to have guidelines so people can live in peace. Law however sometimes is misused by those in power to control people beyond their will. Title 24 gets a lot of complaints against it, because it walks a fine line of being a guideline or being a controlling law.

Starting this year Title 24 received an update that will begin in 2017. The lawmakers released some promising statistics that come along with the update to Title 24:

The Bad

  • On average the new laws will make each house cost $2,700 more to build
  • On average will cost $11 more per month over a 30 year mortgage

The Good

  • On average over 30 years the owner will save $7,400 in energy and maintenance
  • On average the saving will be $31 a month per house on heating, cooling, and electricity

This information means that over 30 years a house owner will save $4,700 on their house.  Is this savings really worth the effort?  

Electric Heating

Saving money while staying warm is a difficult task. There are many different heating solutions in America. However, in states like California where there is a strong push on efficiency, electric is one of the best manageable energies for the daily user.

Energy Efficiency

The program that is laid out in Title 24 might seem to have a small impact on the individual house owner, but it has a large impact on the state. Homes built in 2016 will save 28% more than those built in 2012, which means in 30 years “California will have saved enough energy to power 2.2 million homes, reducing the need to build 12 additional power plants” according to the California government.  Is this worth the cost to spend more now to save more later?

The Energy User

So how does Title 24 effect you? Well California within the Title 24 has deemed some individual units for heating as “unsafe”. This has caused some alarm for apartment managers because if one heater is not approved then they must be replaced in every room. This can be a major expense if the room heaters are outdated.  So make sure your heating solution is up to date and approved by the Title 24 laws so you can saved money over time.  Each climate in California h

Saving Money with Envi Heater

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Stay Warm, Stay Safe

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