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California Winter: Season of Uncertainty

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California Winter

There are few states in America with so many different opinions on how the winter will turn out. This shows the residents of California that there is a strong uncertainty for the next few months. This situation brings to mind a few questions like why are there so many different opinions for the winter of California?  Is there any common predictions so Californians can have some peace of mind?

Why The Uncertainty?

Predicting the weather has always been a difficult job.  Some have gone so far as to say that it is impossible to know for sure if anything is going to happen in the weather.  Simply put weather on some level is not in our control which makes it difficult to predict.  Now as the years go on it is easier to give a stronger prediction of weather activities.  However, there are some events that are so unknown they cause a major uncertainty in our daily lives.  In the last 50 years there has been no other uncertainty as big as an El Niño. This major event is causing the different opinions and uncertainty that is threatening California this winter.

Brace Yourselves California Winter Is Coming

There are a group of meteorologist who believe that California will see a below normal cold this winter.  There main reasoning lays in the knowledge of the warm ocean west of Canada.  The large warm water is called the blob and because of its location the blob causes meteorologist to think it could send a major cold front right through Washington, Oregon, and down into Californian.The past El Niño’s have caused some of the largest ice storms in American history so there stands to reason that cold is coming for the state of California.

Warm Water Equals Warm Weather

Another view point on the weather of California is the idea that it will be above normal in the months to come. The simple logic of these meteorologist is that the El Niño is a warm ocean event and therefore the weather it brings will be warm.  The difficulty with making this prediction is evidence of the freezing temperatures from the past El Nino’s that swept across America.

There Shall Be Rain

California State Winter

The only agreement among the meteorologist is that rain is going to come to California.  This makes the residents of California happy, because California has been in a drought for a long time.  Being that most meteorologist believe that rain is coming during the winter season causes the winter storm theory to be more likely.  Rain plus cold weather normally equals a very cold winter.  Whatever the case may be for California and all the uncertainty there is one certainty that is underlined – there shall be rain.

California Takeaways

  • There is a good chance a Super Strong Winter Storm is coming soon
  • There is a chance for a warmer winter
  • There most likely will be heavy amounts of rain
  • Be prepared for the worst!

With all of the uncertainty of this winter in California do not be caught off guard. Protect yourself and your loved ones before the winter hits hard.

Stay warm, stay safe

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