Does Eco-Friendly Home Heating Help Save Money?

Lucas Mantilla Garino | 3rd Mar 2017


One of the greatest concerns for many heater-owners is energy efficiency. With global warming becoming more and more evident, we’re all increasingly concerned about how to ensure that we lead our lives in a way that’s both responsible and sustainable.


Those of us who live through frigid winters every year know how hard it is to stay responsible sometimes, particularly when freezing drafts are seeping into our home from every crack, nook, and cranny. In these kinds of circumstances, we tend to forget all those times we preached about sustainable living, and turn the heat on high for hours at a time, no questions asked. This isn’t just terrible for the environment (particularly if you use polluting woodfire-based heating or gas-based heating), it’s also a huge drain on our wallets.

We designed the Envi Heater with energy-efficiency as a top priority, in an effort to do our share and contribute to making the world greener, cleaner, and simpler. We believe that sustainability is simply the only way to go forward in terms of innovation; after all, we live in a planet where most sources of energy (such as fossil fuels) are finite and should be conserved.

The Envi Heater works on electricity and, given that it just needs 4 amps of power to operate, can easily be plugged into a solar-powered battery system or other renewable energy source. If these options aren’t available, you can rest easy knowing that the impact of the Envi Heater on the environment is minimal - the product itself is assembled following strict environmentally-responsible practices, and its low energy consumption means you won’t be expanding your carbon footprint during the winter. This is why we were awarded with the "Environmentally-Responsible Business Certification" by the Green Business Bureau, in recognition of our advances in developing an environmentally-friendly business. 


A greener home = a pocket full of green bills

There’s a benefit to switching to energy-efficient heating sources like the Envi. In the last few decades, you’ve probably switched your old, oil-guzzling car for a more efficient model; this action didn’t just save you money, it also drastically lowered the amount of pollution you contribute to the atmosphere. In the same way, the Envi won’t just help you lead a more environmentally-responsible life - it’ll also save you a big wad of cash! Envi Heaters cost as little as 4 cents an hour to operate - so you can leave them on for a long time without having to worry about exorbitant heating bills.

Environmental sustainability is the way of the future. As a company focused on innovation, we’re committed to ensuring that our products and business practices are respectful of the environment. Join the green-heating revolution! Try an Envi today!


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