Energy Efficiency Makeover: Renovating Your Home for Lower Heating Bills

27th May 2024

Are your heating bills draining your wallet? Does your home seem to lose heat faster than you can crank up the thermostat? Are you looking for practical ways to improve your home's energy efficiency?

Drafty windows, inefficient insulation, and outdated heating systems can all contribute to a chilly home and a hefty energy bill. Because of this, renovating your home to be more energy-efficient can be a game-changer. Not only can it lower your heating bills, but it can also make your living space more comfortable.

Today, we’ll explore some renovation ideas and practical strategies to transform your home into a heat-trapping haven. By addressing these key areas, you can create a more comfortable living environment and significantly reduce your heating costs throughout the winter.

Plugging the Leaks: Sealing Up Your Home's Envelope

Your home's "envelope" refers to the barrier between the conditioned air inside and the unconditioned air outside. Leaks and gaps in this envelope allow precious heat to escape, forcing your heating system to work overtime to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Here's how to seal the leaks and keep your warm air where it belongs:

  • Air Sealing: A professional energy audit can pinpoint major air leaks around windows, doors, attics, and basements. Sealing these leaks with caulk, weatherstripping, or spray foam insulation can significantly improve your home's energy efficiency.
  • Window Replacement: Drafty old windows are a major source of heat loss. Consider replacing them with energy-efficient double-pane windows. These windows feature a layer of inert gas between the panes, creating a significant barrier against heat transfer.


Why You Should Upgrade Your Home’s Insulation

Insulation acts like a cozy blanket for your home, trapping heat inside during the winter and keeping the cool air in during the summer. Here's how to ensure your home is properly insulated:

  • Attic Insulation: The attic is a major culprit for heat loss. Ensure you have adequate insulation in your attic floor – aiming for at least 14-16 inches for most climates. Blown-in cellulose, fiberglass batts, or spray foam insulation are all popular options.
  • Wall Insulation: While wall insulation is typically installed during construction, some homes might lack sufficient insulation in the walls. Depending on your situation, blown-in insulation or dense-pack cellulose insulation might be suitable solutions.

Smarter Heating Solutions: A Feature-Packed Electric Wall Heater for Efficient Warmth

Gone are the days of bulky, inefficient space heaters that guzzle energy and leave your home feeling dry and stuffy. The EnviMAX heater is a revolutionary approach to zone heating that combines sleek design, energy efficiency, and smart features to create a warm and comfortable living environment.

This smart electric wall heater boasts a unique triple-stack convection technology, developed through years of research to provide effective and safe heating using minimal energy.

                                                  Attic Insulation

This innovative design mimics the natural "stack effect," creating multiple pathways for air circulation within the heater. Cool air is drawn from the floor level, warmed within the unit, and then gently released as warm air throughout the room.

This natural convection process eliminates the need for noisy fans, resulting in a silent and comfortable heating experience.

Here's why the EnviMAX heater is a perfect solution for your energy efficiency makeover:

  • Energy Efficiency Champion: Unlike traditional space heaters that can overload circuits, the EnviMAX heater is a low-wattage powerhouse. The 1000-watt model operates efficiently, costing as little as 8-10 cents per hour to run. This translates to significant savings on your heating bill compared to using your main heating system for a single room.
  • Smart Features for Modern Living: The EnviMAX isn't just about efficient heating; it's about smart heating too. The Smart EnviMAX model offers Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing you to control the heater from anywhere using your smartphone app. Set schedules, adjust temperature remotely, and even integrate the heater with Amazon Alexa or Google Home for voice-activated control.
  • Zone Heating Perfection: The EnviMAX heater is ideal for zone heating, allowing you to focus warmth on the rooms you're using instead of heating your entire home. This targeted approach not only saves energy but also creates a more comfortable environment, eliminating the need to adjust your main thermostat constantly.

EnviMAX goes beyond efficiency with a focus on safety and user-friendliness:

  • Safety First: The EnviMAX heater prioritizes safety with features like a cool-to-the-touch surface (around 90°F), Wall-Sens technology that automatically cuts power if the unit is dislodged from the wall, and an automatic thermal cutoff for overheating protection.
  • Simple Installation and Stylish Design: The EnviMAX heater is designed for easy installation – no drilling required! Simply mount it on the wall and plug it in. The slim profile (just 3 inches thin) and sleek design with flowing curves ensure it complements any room décor.
  • Healthy Heating: The fanless design eliminates the circulation of dust and allergens, making the EnviMAX a healthy heating option for those with allergies or respiratory sensitivities.
  • Additional User-Friendly Features: The EnviMAX boasts a sleep-friendly auto-dimming on/off light, and a convenient cord storage compartment for a clean look.

The EnviMAX heater is more than just a heater; it's an investment in energy savings, comfort, and a healthier home environment.

With its combination of efficiency, smart features, and safety considerations, the EnviMAX heater is a powerful tool for creating a warm and inviting space during the winter months, all while reducing your energy consumption and environmental impact.

Give Your Home the Right Kind of Makeover

By implementing these energy efficiency strategies, you can transform your home into a warm and comfortable haven during the winter months. Not only will you enjoy significant savings on your heating bills, but you'll also be reducing your environmental impact. A well-insulated and energy-efficient home uses less energy, which translates to fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

Ready to get started on your energy efficiency makeover?

We offer several different models of the Envi heater, that are designed to answer all your heating and energy needs. Check out our available electric wall heaters today and invest in proper warmth and comfort for your home


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