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Envi Space Heater - Top Reasons to Love It

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There are many reasons to love the Envi Heater from eHeat. This weekend is the day of love, so we wanted to share the top 5 reasons we love the Envi Heater.

1. The Heat

The Envi Heater heats up to 150sq ft per unit. This unit is bought and owned by many who live in subzero temperatures who need to stay warm. The heat from the Envi Heater is one to love when the cold is trying to set in.

2. The Comfort

Being comfortable is the one of the most important things in life. It is safe to say people want to be comfortable while resting at home. The Envi Heater creates a comfortable heated feeling in your house. The natural warmth feel that comes for the Envi is possible because of the low 475watt engineering. No drying out the air in your room. Warmth never felt so good.

3. The Silence

The Envi is completely silent. Imagine your room being warm to sleep in, and with no noise. This is a not a dream it is reality with the Envi Heater. Enjoy sweeter dreamers with the silence of Envi.

4. The Simplicity

All you need to do is mount the unit on the wall – plug-in – and you are ready to turn on the love. We call it “Envi Simple”. Don’t be envious!

5. The Safety

Envi Heater is ultra-safe for your little children running around the house or maybe a pet. This Valentine’s weekend with you’re enjoying the evening with your love rest in knowing that your heater is safe.

We have a Valentine's Day Sale this weekend: 15% off 2+ Envi Heaters & 25% of Stealth's!!!

These are the top 5 reasons we love the Envi Heater. Why do you love your Envi Heater?

Find out more about the love at

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