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Gaining Ice: NASA’s New Report On The Antarctic

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Artarctic Ice Gaining

A recent report was put out by NASA that the Antarctic is gaining ice! This comes at a shock for many people who read the 2013 report from IPCC (International Panel of Climate Change) that the ice caps were melting.  This brings about a situation for some questions to be answered.

Were The Ice Caps Ever Melting?

After this major release there is a cause for alarm.  For years people have thought that the ice caps were melting.  The IPCC reported this as accurate information from the top researchers of the world.  So was IPCC lying to the world about the ice caps melting?  According to the NASA the ice caps were melting to some degree and only on the west side of the Antarctic. Therefore, the IPCC was not lying but rather did not have a full scope of what was happening.  So the simple answer is that it was melting, but it was growing faster on the other sides than it was melting on the west side.

What About The Sea Level?

According to the same IPCC report the sea levels have risen by .27 millimeters.  This was alarming back in 2013 and mainly this rise was blamed on the melting ice caps. Well now that we know that the ice is not melting; where did the rise come from?  The Antarctic ice is actually gaining .23 millimeters of ice a year away from the ocean from NASA's data. Which reinforces the idea that something in the world is a lot worse than IPCC thought or IPCC is not gathering correct data. Whatever the case there is a slow building mistrust with the world populace and IPCC data collectors.

What Does This Mean For America? Penguin in Antarctic

Once again the IPCC seems to be producing information that is not correct.  The other option is that somewhere on the planet the ice is melting at a very high rate which is most likely not the case or there would be stronger data to support it.  There were reports on the other ice caps throughout the world, but none of the them showed a high enough melting statistic to over shadow the data given by NASA that there is a gain in ice.  So how are we the people of the America supposed to trust the IPCC?  Well the IPCC is an UN internationally run organization that seems to be transparent about its operations. They release reports to try to help people have a better understand of the changes taking place around the world.  Therefore, take what the IPCC says with the same discretion you use when you hear reports from the White House or any other governmental organization.  It is with good assumption that the IPCC will not show a report about says “climate change is not real” because climate change is in their name.  However, this does not mean they are not trying to help the world become a better place, but rather in this area their data was poor.  So as we enter into winter keep in mind that climate change data is not factual, but rather best guess.  We at Envi Heater like to take our guesses from the Farmer Almanac and here is what they have to say about the coming winter.

Icy Takeaways

  • The ice is growing in Antarctic
  • The sea levels could be rising
  • The IPCC could have miscalculated sea levels like they did the ice in Antarctic
  • The climate change toward warmth is not as strong as IPCC thought
  • Farmer Almanac see cold winter ahead

Stay warm, Stay smart!

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