How To Keep Newborns Safe In Winter

Jordan McCourt | 24th Jan 2022

With the approaching winter season, everybody fantasizes about the chilly breeze, snow-covered trees, and the beautiful time of New Year. Although the winter thrill takes over all people, new mothers are concerned about keeping their babies safe in this cold weather.

Keeping your newborn safe in the cold weather is not an easy task. There are various aspects to be considered and understood when addressing the problem of the cold. Here are some things that can help protect your baby from the cold.

Layering Up

The first thing that comes to mind when anyone thinks of protection from the cold is layering up with clothes. Dressing your baby in layers helps keep the baby warm and safe from the cold breeze. Whenever going out, you need to make sure that your baby is wearing cozy and breathable clothes.


Alt Text: Baby In Winter Clothes

However, it is also essential that you do not put too many layers as it can cause overheating. Over layering will make it hard for your baby to relax and can cause various skin-related problems. Many doctors recommend that you should keep the head and feet of your newborn covered because these areas are prone to become cold very easily. So always make sure that the head and feet of the baby are protected from the cold.

But when the baby is indoors, you can use a high-quality Electric Wall Heater and let the baby feel comfortable by not putting on many layers of clothes. Consider using a convection-based heater with rapid heating for this job. It will ensure optimal temperature without drying the indoor air. It will prevent your child from issues like dry skin or scalp.

Sunlight Is Helpful

It is imperative to take care of your baby's mineral intake and keep them from getting cold. Sunlight can solve both these issues as it is a well-known source of Vitamin D and warmth. Vitamin D is vital for the baby's development of strong bones, boosting the immune system, production of melatonin, and absorbing calcium.

You can spend some time with your newborn in the sun after you have bathed them or changed their clothes. Besides keeping the baby warm, sunlight will also help kill germs. All these benefits make exposure to sunlight a necessity for babies.

However, keeping them direct in the sunlight might not be a very good idea as UV radiation can cause much more harm than benefits. Early morning sunlight is the safest and most effective for infants, so you can consider going out to parks or balconies to keep your baby warm.


Poor air circulation and quality can have adverse effects on everyone. Using a heater without proper ventilation can be harmful to babies.

Ventilation becomes more critical in the winter due to the tendency of closed windows and doors this season. This makes the air inside your walls more polluted than the air outside. You can decrease the risk of airborne diseases in babies and enhance the air quality with the help of proper ventilation.


Alt Text: Man Opening Windows

Consider opening the windows for 10-15 minutes each day. This will allow easy exchange of air. Another effective way to protect your babies this winter season is to properly use exhaust fans in the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room.

You can also go for a mechanical ventilation system. All in all, since you would not want to risk your baby’s health because of poor ventilation, consider choosing the most suitable ventilation solution for your home.

Balance Indoor Environment

The decreasing temperature during the winter season isn't the only factor affecting your baby. The dried-out winter has way more harmful effects than the temperature. It dries out the protective mucus layer that prevents the entry of pollutants into the baby's body. It leaves them vulnerable to dust, mold, and bacteria. And your standard room heater further contributes to the problem.

Usually, these heaters are designed to provide a quick warming effect and raise the temperature in just a few minutes. They generate excessive amounts of heat, which is yet another factor for the decrease of moisture in the air.

The duct type heater is somewhat better than the area heater in this aspect, but even they are not entirely safe. Their cold and dark ducts are the housing place for mold and bacteria, which get mixed in the hot air these heaters generate and enter your indoor space.

Keeping all these things in mind, you must consider avoiding high-power heaters with rapid heating technology. Rather, invest in a low-wattage Envi heater to warm your place. These fanless heaters use a steady airflow to generate heat and raise the temperature gradually. The heater will ensure minimal moisture loss and since they don't have a fan and reside inside your home, they are also least prone to bacteria or mold infestation.


The first winter is difficult for every child. Their partially developed and delicate bodies can easily get affected by the changing temperature and humidity. And as a mother or father, it's your prime duty to keep your child warm and away from the harsh weather.

Envi Smart Heaters can help you with it. The dual-stack technology of these heaters makes them highly efficient, super silent, and maintaining a balanced moisture level in your home. It's the perfect companion for your winters.


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