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Eco-Friendly Space Heater

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How to Make Your Envi Heater More Eco

Saving money on your heating bill is important.  Why?  Because it allows you to live your life without money restraints.  When November rolls around you will have extra funds to travel for Thanksgiving, and maybe even enough to get that new TV you’ve always wanted on Black Friday.  Whatever the cases maybe if you save money on your heating it will change your life!

Is Your Heating System Eco Friendly?

Unfortunately, most Americans do not even give a second thought to their heating system.  Have you checked yours?  Is it ready for the winter?  If not, don’t worry you’re not alone, and you can make your heating system eco-friendly before winter.  Do you have an eco-heater... do you have the Envi Heater?

When people say “eco-friendly” most of the time they are talking about “going green” or “save the earth”, but what I’m saying is “eco”nomically-friendly to your wallet.  So lets go eco-friendly this winter and save money so we can live freer lives.

Making Your Heating System Eco Friendly and Safe

If you use a large commercial heating system then just hire a HVAC company to come out and do maintenance on it. If that is too expensive just remember that updating your heating system is a safety concern for your house.  Also, there are some little easy things that can help you like changing the air filter for the winter.

Along with safety if you are using a space heating for a garage or back bedroom make sure that the unit is safe and eco-friendly for you.  Most space heater use 1500-2000watts to operate and they sit on the floor.

The Fire and Safety Departments of America tell people not to use these space heaters because they cause fires in homes.  They fall over and catch the carpet on fire and the rest is history.  However, there is new technology that is helping with these products become more safe and eco-friendly.

The Envi Heater is a great way to make your heating system eco-friendly and safe. It is only 475watts to operate and it is wall mounted with a sensor so if it falls off the wall the unit will not work.

How Can Your Envi Heater Be More Eco-Friendly?

The Envi Heater operates at only 4 cents an hour, which is about 4-5 light bulbs.  So how can it possible be any more economical?Well there are a few little ways to help your Envi Heater be more eco-friendly making it an eco-heater for you and your household.

Here are a few recommendations to enhance your Envi Heater

  • Mount the Envi on an interior wall
  • Make sure the Envi can draw the cold air in the room by mounting it no higher than 18inches from the floor
  • Set the thermostat on the Envi and leave it on 24/7
  • Mount it away from doors and windows for maximum convection

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