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How to Keep Your House Warm & Comfy

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Envi Heater Keeping your house warm and comfortable

The Today Show on NBC knows the struggle of millions of American's after the recent blizzard that hit most of North America. What is the struggle?...Staying warm and comfortable!  So what was NBC’s response to the uncomfortable cold that their viewers are experiencing? The Envi Heater!

Today Show on NBC with Envi Heater

Today Show on NBC

“CHILL OUT” is a special show that is being put on by NBC host Matt Lauer on Wednesday January, 27 th 2016 at 9am/8 central. NBC has brought in Jason Cameron from the DIY Network to feature the best products to help people keep their houses warm and comfortable. Jason said, “I love your product! ( Envi Heater )”, and he wanted it to be the only heater featured on the show. This goes to show that the #1 Morning Show in America, the Today Show chooses the Envi Heater to keep people warm and comfortable.

Jason Cameron - keeping your house warm and comfortable

House Warming

Heating a house and warming it are two different things. Heating a house is simply pouring lots of heat into a room with no control and without thought to the cost or the feel. This is a terrible practice and does not create a warm environment.

The Envi Heater is the answer to the house warming problem. In a room you want it to be warm and controllable. This is possible by the built-in thermostat to help you control the temperature in your room. Nationally the Envi Heater only cost 4 cents an hour to operate, and this is the energy equivocate to 4-5 lights bulbs being used to heat a 150sq ft room. Truly making your house feel warm with little cost.

House of Comfort

Creating a home of comfort is the goal for most homeowners. However, in the winter months it is very difficult to create such a feeling. Heating the house to create comfort from the cold normally comes with a cost of drying out the air or adding a safety hazard of live fire inside the house.

The Envi Heater is able to heat a room while keeping the comfort for your home. The 475watt setup of the Envi Heater creates a heating solution that does not dry out the air but leaves it feeling natural.

Lastly, feeling comfortable comes with the idea that a home is safe. The Envi Heater is Ultra-safe in that it has never had a fire claimed against it ever!  It has a built-in wall sensor technology which means you can turn it on and leave it and know that it is safe while creating comfort for your home.

Keeping Your Warmth & Comfort

Envi Heaters are USA made and backed by a 3 year warranty. The customer service and technical support is USA, and we offer a 30 day guarantee. The idea of comfort and warmth goes far beyond the bedroom with the Envi Heater. Find our more by visiting today.

Stay Safe, Stay Warm

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