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16th Mar 2022

When the warmth of summer gives way to the chilly winter months, one thing on every pet owner's mind is how to keep their furry friend warm and comfortable. But, as a pet owner, you can not just go into the store and pick any random heater. There are several factors to consider, such as type, cost, and efficiency. Most importantly, you'd want your pet to remain safe and protected while staying cozy. This article shows you how to choose a pet safe heater to make your house feel more homey.

What To Look For in a Pet Safe Space Heater

In selecting a pet safe space heater, a few features are crucial to making a great choice. Ensure to look out for them while surfing through options on the marketplace. They include:


Safety is the foremost requirement in selecting a suitable space heater for your pet. Pets are natural explorers and tend to fiddle or play with almost everything in their reach. You'd want to protect your pet while it explores its world, so it is essential to install a heater that will not constitute a hazard to your pets. In choosing a pet safe heater, ensure that these safety features are present:

  • Thermostat

Your pet cannot adjust the temperature if it gets too hot, so it's essential to have a device that will automatically do so. This device is known as a thermostat, which regulates the temperature by ensuring it does not pass a specific limit. A thermostat ensures that the temperature remains warm and cozy while not becoming too high. This is important in homes where you might have to leave the room unsupervised for some time.

  • Cool-to-touch surface

Although you do not want your pet touching or pawing at a heater, it's important to be prepared for situations where your pet will inevitably do so. This is particularly helpful if your heater is installed in an area that the pet can reach with a little effort, such as on a table or the floor.

Hot surfaces can lead to injuries and accidents, which every pet owner would like to avoid. Envi, a top innovator in space heating, offers sleek devices that remain cool to the touch, even after several hours of running. If your pet's safety is crucial to you, cool-to-touch options like Envi's space heaters are indispensable.

  • Pet-safe panels and vents

It's essential to avoid heaters with open vents. Open vents can allow your pet to reach inside and get stuck or touch heating elements. Choose a heater with a fully closed mesh or grill that keeps fur and paws from getting inside.

  • Tip-over protection

Because tipped-over heaters are a common cause of fires, it's essential to ensure your heater can handle being tipped over by a curious pet. A heater with tip-over protection automatically shuts off when it's knocked over.

  • Inbuilt timer

Although a heater is a beautiful addition to the home, heating the place all the time can make it miserably uncomfortable for your pet. It's best to keep it running at intervals pre-programmed with the heater's timer. Get a heater with a timer, so you can control when you want it on or off.


Comfort does not have to be excessively costly, as there are options that give you great value for your money. Consider the costs holistically while making your choice. Think of the number of units you'd need, the cost of installation, maintenance, and other upfront costs. Ensure that your eventual selection is pocket-friendly while meeting your needs.

Envi, for example, offers you the option of heating 150 square feet of space with a single $179.95 heater. Additionally, installation is free, and the heaters require no further maintenance. Envi's pocket-friendly heaters make them a great choice even if you're on a budget.


An efficient space heater converts most of its energy input into uniform heating. This depends on the heater's technology and will vary from product to product. Carry out thorough research to understand how each option on your list works so that you can get the best product.

Tips for Handling a Space Heater As a Pet Owner

Having a wall mounted space heater as a pet owner comes with its peculiar challenges. As a pet owner, you'd need to handle the heater carefully to keep your pet extra safe. Here are a few tips for handling a space heater as a pet owner:

  • Keep the heater away from the reach of the pet. You can keep it at an elevated level or in a protected space.
  • Avoid keeping the heater near flammable materials such as carpets, curtains, and other loose fabrics. Ensure they're at least 3 feet away from the heater.
  • Unplug the heater when it's not in use.
  • Ensure that there are no loose cords from the heater lying around. This is to avoid having a pet tripping over or getting tangled in them.
  • Avoid plugging the heater into an extension box. Heaters can draw a large amount of energy, so using an extension box may cause a fire. It's best to plug it directly into a socket outlet.
  • Ensure that the pet is not left unsupervised in a room with a heater for too long.

Options for a Pet Safe Space Heater

There are several types of heaters you can get as a pet owner. In this section, we describe some of these options:

Convection Heaters

Also known as convectors, convection heaters are among the safest heaters for pets. They work by employing the natural air currents to disperse heated air throughout the entire area. One of the most popular types of convection heaters is the ceramic heater, which uses a ceramic heating element. Convection heaters result in a uniformly warm, cozy temperature. Envi's electric space heaters are among the best-designed convection heaters, with cool-to-touch, wall-mounted devices.

Radiant heaters

Radiant heaters warm the area using infrared rays to send heat to objects, animals, and people in close range. They are quiet, compact, and energy-efficient, doing an excellent job of heating small spaces. Additionally, they are portable, which means you can move them from room to room depending on where you need them.

Choosing a Pet Safe Heater For Your Home

In choosing a heater that's safe to use around your pets, ensure to do your research. Read product reviews, specifications, and ask for expert advice. That way, you'll be able to choose a device that's just right for you and your beloved pet.


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