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Massive Snow Fall on Mid-West

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Winter Storm in MidWest

This week the Mid-West has experience a massive amount of snow. There has been some places that received over a foot of snow. This large amount of snow has caused some serious accidents throughout the Mid-West, and sadly has taken the lives of two people so far.

Please take a moment of silence for our fellow Americans who past in this storm

What Has Happened So Far?

Many of the states in the Mid-West have seen a massive snow storm. This has caused many problems for locals and emergency units. South Dakota and northern Nebraska got hit the hardest with over a 12inches of snow. Sioux Falls received its fourth snowiest November on record with 17+ inches of snow! A heavy burst of snow moved into the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area early Monday morning, dumping 1-3 inches on parts of the Twin Cities and another band of snow moved through the area Monday evening. Mpls./St. Paul International Airport measured 3.8 inches of snow through midnight Monday night. The top snow totals from the storm as of Tuesday night are 12 inches near Valentine, Nebraska, followed by 12 inches near Mosher, South Dakota. Minnesota has seen up to 9.5 inches in Madison, while Iowa has seen up to 9 inches in Hull.  This much snow makes it difficult for transportation.  There has been over 70 reported accidents in the South Dakota area in only 1 day.  This causes alarm for many so the question is then asked: what about the future?

What Does The Future Hold?

The future is looking cold for the next few weeks. The forecast shows everything staying in the freezing temperatures. One of the big unknowns for the future is the El Nino that is causing strange weather in America this winter. Some forecaster believe there will be more rain this winter than snow, but there seems to conflict because the temperatures will be below freezing therefore causing snow. So there seem to be strong evidence that the following months will be cold and full of snow for America.  

Most meteorologist where claiming the winter would come later this season in January.  However, there were some that said that this season could be a long cold winter because of the effects of the El Nino. As of now the latter forecast seems to hold more validity. These meteorologists who said cold would come early also claimed that this year would be colder for the south and higher levels of precipitation across the USA. It would be wise for Americans to strongly consider that colder weather is what the future will look like for the United States through February and into March.

Winter Takeaways

  • Winter is here and in a powerful way
  • Be ready for a long winter
  • There are people who need our thoughts and prayers in the Mid-West
  • Make sure your heating system is ready for a long road this winter

Stay safe, Stay Warm

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