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The Envi is an Efficient Wall Mounted Heater

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Effective Heating

If you are here reading this blog you are looking for a better heating solution!  Welcome!  There are many heating solutions in the world today competing for your business.  But what is it that you are looking for in a heater?  More Safety?  More Square Footage per unit?  More Natural Air?  More Efficiency in heating?  More Saving? More Security?  Whatever hot topic point is your situation we want to let you know why the Envi Heater is the best solution for your heating problem!  Below is a quick read, video and article of each major concern for heating a space.  

How is the Envi Heater more Effective?

New technology and patented and only made in America!  The Envi wall mounted space heater has a "Dual Stack Convection" technology. This means that cold air is drawn into the air gap inside the heater. It then flows through dual heating stacks, causing rapid heating of air as it rises out. This allows Envi wall mounted heaters to be more efficient, effective and safer than radiator, fan, ceramic, gas, oil filled, baseboard and other types of heaters.

Video - How does it work?

Article - Energy Efficiency - Heating America This Winter

How is the Envi Heater more Safe?

Safety starts out with our "cool to the touch" panel surface.  You will be able to have peace of mind when those kids and pets play around the heater that they will not get burned.  Also, we have a extra safety sensor built into our unit called a WalSen.  This allow your to rest assured that your Envi Heater can be left on 24/7 and will only operate if in a safe position.  Also, we have never had a fire caused by the Envi Heater.

Video -  Is the Envi Heater safe?  

Article - 6 reasons the Envi Heater is Ultra-Safe

How is the Envi Heater more Healthy?

No Dry Air & No Fan!  Fans kick up dust and throw allergens all over the room.  This causes all types of allergies for your family and creates an un-healthy environment.  When winter comes families go indoors and it is important to stay healthy.  Our Envi Heater is fan-less and therefore does not throw allergens or dust around your home.  Lastly, our unit does not dry out the air in your room.  Our low wattage unit allows for a natural heating solution.

Video - How is the Envi Heathly for me?

Article - Top 5 Ways to Create Healthy Air for Your House

How is the Envi Heater more Economical?

4 cents an hour to operate is what sets it apart from other space heaters.  Also, our unit only draws 4amps and 475watts.  Most people who start using our unit find that they save 40% on their heating bill each month.  The Envi Heater also is 100% pure convection with no energy loss.  It does all these while heating a recommend 150sq ft per unit with normal insulation and ceiling height.

Video - How Economical is it?

Article - Heating this Old Country House

How is the Envi Heater more Secure?

Simply put we back our 100% USA made product.  We have a 3 year warranty and 30 day guarantee. We have a built in locking bar for extra security.  Most other wall mounted panel companies simply do not back their product like us, because they do not believe it is good.  We back our product!

Video - Green Store Owner Interview

Article - Envi Heater | Warranty Comparison

Using these efficient space heaters keeps you warmer and saves you money!

Learn more about Envi Heater at and call 800-807-0107 with questions.

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