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No Rest for the Mid-West

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Midwest winter storm

There seems to be another arctic blast that is heading toward the Mid-West this weekend. Having just been slammed by this last weekend arctic blast some wonder how will this new front effect the region and the residents in it!


While the 2015-16 winter started off warmer than average the cold is making a comeback. Having pushed most of the Mid-West down into subzero temperatures causing all types of problems. Now comes another blast right on the heels of last weekend and some are wondering if residents have had time to recover. Subzero temperatures are hard to endure, but back to back fronts is even harder.  So what can the resident except?

Weekend Forecast

Here's a general timing of when the cold air will arrive according to

  • Saturday: Bitterly cold air arrives in eastern Montana, the Dakotas, Minnesota, Iowa and western Wisconsin where highs will be up to 25 degrees below average, largely staying below zero. Expect highs in the teens and 20s in most of the Great Lakes.
  • Sunday: Much of the Midwest will see highs 10 to 30 degrees below average. Lows in the teens and 20s below zero are likely in the Upper Midwest. Subzero highs are expected in North Dakota, Minnesota, northern Iowa and western Wisconsin.
  • Monday: A swath from the Dakotas to the western Great Lakes will see subzero low temperatures. Highs will be below average from the Midwest to the East Coast.
  • Tuesday: Temperatures moderate slightly from the Upper Midwest to the Great Lakes, returning closer to seasonal averages. Temperatures will remain colder than average in much of the East.

Residents in Mid-West

The extreme cold that has come to the Mid-West has caused some residents to become frustrated with their heating solution. Either their main heating source went out as the cold front came in, or they noticed that some of the rooms in their homes are not staying warm due to the extreme cold. If you are experiencing these problems know that the Envi Heater can help you.

Reasons to Get an Envi Heater before the Blast

  • Our units are shipping out next day and we offer Express 2day shipping!
  • Our unit works in subzero temperatures with normal insulation
  • Our unit can be the perfect solution for the cold bedroom in the back
  • Our unit is easy to install and operate right out of the box
  • Our unit is safe to leave on 24/7 and “cool to the touch”

Envi Heater for Mid west

Find out more here: Envi Heater

Stay Safe, Stay Warm

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