Heating Facts

Choosing a Heating System

There are numerous factors to consider when choosing a heating system that’s best for you, such as safety, health, efficiency, cost, reliability and versatility.

In our overview of the selection process, we’re going to consider the most common forms of space heating options available today, including electricity, gas, fuel oil, and wood. We’ll also cover the heaters themselves – radiators, baseboard, fan, and gas heaters, along with central heating systems.

What Form of Heating Energy is Best for Me?

To determine which alternative works best for you, you first have to look at the pros and cons of each type of system.

Fuel Oil
Fuel oil systems can be costly to run. Their operating costs can fluctuate depending on the political climate in the Middle East. Although the technology was once superior, it has taken a backseat to more efficient and cost-effective measures.

Wood fires create a wonderful ambiance, but are expensive to maintain unless you cut and stock your own timber. Wood fires are also messy, hard to clean up and require a lot of attention to keep going.

While gas is the cheapest of all fuels, there are safety aspects to consider. Fumes from gas fires are not only unpleasant, but carbon monoxide poisoning is one of the leading causes of heater deaths in the U.S., today, which is why it’s illegal to install gas heaters in bedrooms in many states.

This is the most common form of heating in the U.S. today. Americans dread receiving their winter electric bills as costs continue to rise. Electric heating equipment is versatile and can be placed anywhere - in the attic, basement, or any room you choose. Electricity is the safest, cleanest and most cost-efficient fuel available. There are no tanks to fill, no possibility of explosion, and you pay only for electricity that’s been used.

So how can we heat our homes and offices with electricity and do it in the most economical, efficient and environmentally friendly manner? The answer lies in the top 10 reasons to choose envi wall mounted heaters. Below, we’re going to answer these questions in detail:

  1. What will it cost to run the heating system?
  2. What is the total installed cost of the heating system?
  3. How reliable and easy to clean is the heating system?
  4. How efficient is the heating system?
  5. How safe is the heating system?
  6. How healthy is the heating system?
  7. How effective is the heating system?
  8. Is the heating system environmentally friendly?
  9. How versatile is the heating system?
  10. What type of warranty does the heating system have?

Top 10 Reasons to Choose envi Wall Mounted Heaters

1.  Halve Your Heating Bill

Each envi wall mounted heater costs approximately 4-5 cents per hour to operate. This compares to up to 18 cents per hour for fan and radiator heaters and other forms of central heating systems (gas and electric). The attic blower fan on most central heating systems draws more power than just one 400-watt panel heater.

Did you know that even in Florida, heating can cost 2-3 times more than air conditioning? Even using ceiling fans to draw warm air down to the living space can get expensive. A ceiling fan that runs all the time costs about $7 a month. Multiply that by the number of ceiling fans and it quickly adds up.

Envi wall mounted heaters cost far less to operate than any other type of heater. See the comparison table below.

Heat Type
Average Wattage
Cost per Hour
Max (cents)
Min (cents)
envi Wall Mounted Heater
Wall Mounted  Heater
475/500 5 4
Electric Reverse Cycle AC
(window/wall models and mini split systems)
Reverse Cycle
Less than 1500
1500 to 3000
3200 to 4000
4200 to 5000
5200 to 6000
Electric Radiator Heaters
Single bar
750 to 1200
Double bar
1500 to 1800
Triple (with/without fan)
Electric Fan Heaters
Electric Oil Heaters
1000 to 1500

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2. Low Cost Central Heating Solution

The total cost of the heating system includes the goods plus the cost of installation (including electrical, or fuel oil hookup). Nothing comes close to the value of an envi heating system. Installation costs are virtually non-existence, since anyone can install these heaters in less than one minute! There are also no electrical hookups required since they plug directly into a standard power outlet. For comparison, consider a small apartment of about 700 square feet. This would require no more than 6 envi heaters, bringing the total cost to around $700. Electric Baseboards installed cost at least double this (approx $1400) and central heating (gas or electricity) cost at least three to six times more than this ($2000 - $4500) depending on the system.

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3. No Maintenance Bills

Many heaters today have a short life span because fan motors and/or heating elements burn out. Not so with the envi wall mounted heater. It’s comprised of no moving parts, and should never break down unless it’s severely abused. When you’re buying any product, you should consider its longevity as a measure of its worth. 
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4. Very Efficient Room Heating

Efficiency is determined by how well a heater works for the amount of electricity it uses. Envi wall mounted heaters use less electricity than any other heater on the market for a given area. They draw in cold air from the floor of the room and then circulate the air for free. Using added electricity to force the hot air around a room would be inefficient.

Envi heaters are designed to be mounted six inches off the floor and flush with the wall. There is an air gap within the heater into which cold air is drawn. Because the gap is so small, the cold air is heated very quickly and rises out of the small gap at the top of the panel. More cold air then rushes into the gap behind the heater and the natural circulation of heated air continues. This natural convection eliminates the needs for a fan, thus increasing the heaters efficiency.

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5. Safely Heat Your Home

The top concerns with heater safety are surface temperature and the possibility of a fire. Envi wall mounted heaters operate at a very low surface temperature of 95°F. This ensures that it will not burn the skin if touched. This gives parents and pet owners peace of mind when leaving the envi on while their children or pets are alone in the room. However, it is always good practise to keep an eye on infants when they are near heaters of any kind. With no exposed elements or areas for dust accumulation, the risk of fire is almost nil. Our panel heaters eliminate risks associated with portable fan heaters, such as tipping over and paperwork fires, instigated by home or office clutter.
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6. Promotes a Healthy Home

Central Heating systems (along with portable fan heaters) are dust, mold and allergen traps that wreak havoc on asthma and allergy sufferers. When the central heating fans turn on, these contaminants are propelled around the home or office, causing health problems. With careful placement, an entire home can have envi wall mounted heaters placed in all - or certain - rooms, eliminating the need to turn on the central heating system. This will save your health as well as protect your pocket book.
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7. Eliminates Hot and Cold Spots

Envi wall mounted heaters are not designed to deliver a blast of instant heat, but rather stay on for long periods of time or take the chill out of the air when the owner returns to a cold home or office - or even just before you get out of bed in the morning. In this way, envi wall mounted heaters are very effective. Please read some of our customer testimonials to get a better idea of exactly how envi can bring warmth to your world.
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8. Easy Installation and Simple Operation

Electric heating is the cleanest form of heating. There are no harmful pollutants emitted from the envi system as there are with gas-fired central heating systems or fuel oil boilers. Because of the envi wall mounted heaters’ low power consumption and high efficiency, our precious natural resources are conserved at a greater rate.
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9.  Match Any Decor

Envi is slim, sleek and stylish. Most heaters are bulky and unsightly or take up too much floor space. At the end of winter, simply store the cord under the heater with the supplied cord clips and you're done. Envi heaters also eliminate the need for a noisy fan by using our patented stack convection technology, and also have an auto dimming power light. You can rest in a silent, peaceful sleep without the harsh noise of a fan and the glare of a power light to disturb you.

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10. Industry Leading Warranty

Envi is backed by an industry leading three (3) year warranty. You can purchase with confidence knowing that we will stand behind your purchase for years to come. Can you put a price on peace of mind?

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