(TH106) Programmable Digital Thermostat

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    Best Single Pole Thermostat I've Found

    I'm impressed with the quality and the functionality of this Single Pole Thermostat. I purchased one to make sure that I wanted to replace all the thermostats in my condo with this thermostat. I have since purchased two more for other rooms in my condo. Pros: + Easy Installation + Single Pole + 16.7 Amp Rating + No Batteries Required + Retains Programming throughout power lost (Time retained up to 4 hours) + Programmable and Manual Modes + Three Temperature Settings (Comfort, Economy, and Vacation) + Accurate Thermometer Display + Silent Switching (No Click!) + Looks sleek and modern + Key Pad Lock + Quick Cycling of Baseboard heaters helps prevent large temperature swings. Cons: - No Back-light - Long Cycle mode should be longer (Frequent on and off for forced air units can be slightly irritating at first.) - Limitations to Programing (4 Periods limited to two temperature settings 1&3 Comfort, 2&4 Economy) - 2 Amp Minimum Load Limitation Overall: This is the best single pole programmable thermostat available on the market. I would recommend to anyone that needs a thermostat for a single pole application. Great work Aude and Honeywell for making a great product! Five Stars!


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Each thermostat can control up to three (3) 500 watt envi wall mounted heaters.

These thermostats are equipped with an electronic controller to send only the right amount of power required by the heating system to maintain the desired temperature. This state-of-the-art technology offers the smallest temperature variations and eliminates any feeling of discomfort!

Aside from providing unparalleled comfort, the TH106 has flexible programming to accommodate all types of schedules, a large and legible LCD screen as well as clearly identified buttons.


LOAD: 2000 watts @ 120 volts (4000 watts @ 240 volts) 16,7 A resistive load 250 watts min. (2A) (500 watts min on 240 volts)


REGULATION: Proportional controller, 20 second cycles*

OPERATING MODES: Manual Automatic with temporary bypass.

PROGRAMMING: 4 settings / day Each day can have different setbacks Early start function*** Temperature memory****

PROTECTION: Protected memory No battery required CONNECTION: Single pole, 2 wires SIZE: 38 x 127 x 125 mm 1,5 x 5 x 4,9 inches

* : This thermostat is equipped with a micro processor that analyses the system's past performances in order to optimize future commands. At the beginning of each cycle, the system sends a command that defines the portion of time the unit is heating during the next cycle.

*** : Function that calculates the optimum time to start the heating system to achieve the desired temperature setting at the programmed time.

**** : The user can enter a daytime, night-time and vacation time temperature.


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How It Works

The Envi Heater’s innovative dual-stack design was born out of years of research and development. The results revealed that the most effective way to heat a room with the least amount of energy is by heating the air in a room using 100% natural convection.

The Envi Heater’s inner chambers feature simulated “stacks” of varying height, which boost airflow through the unit to maximize heat transfer. The end result of this technology is enhanced airflow and safe air temperature, all without the use of a fan!


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Worried about paying to get a contractor to install your new Smart Envi unit? Think again. Jason Cameron explains how the Smart Envi is designed to be installed and set up at home by yourself in just XX minutes.

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