Alexa, Google Home, and Smart Envi: Creating a Cozy and Connected Home

14th Sep 2023

Are you tired of the daily thermostat tug-of-war in your household? You know the drill – someone's always too hot, someone's perpetually chilly, and the thermostat setting resembles a rollercoaster ride. It's a common predicament, one where comfort and convenience are often at odds.

But what if there were a solution, a way to harmonize your home's heating that was not only smart but also seamlessly integrated into your daily life? Enter Smart Envi, the brand new and innovative smart heater solution.


The Frustrations of Yesterday's Heaters

Are you tired of the antiquated thermostat dance? The one where you set a temperature, cross your fingers, and hope for the best?

Using old, traditional heaters with thermostats stuck to the wall can be an exercise in frustration. Here are some common pain points you might be all too familiar with:

Lack of Control

Older heaters often offer limited control. You set a temperature for the entire house, and that's it. There's no flexibility to adjust warmth room by room. So, if one room feels like a sauna while another is an icebox, tough luck.


Traditional heaters aren't known for their energy efficiency. They can't adapt to your schedule or account for changes in your routine. As a result, they often run unnecessarily, wasting both energy and money.


Changing your heating settings typically involves walking over to the thermostat and manually adjusting it. Forget about pre-warming your bedroom on a cold winter morning while you're still snuggled in bed.

Sleep Disruptions

If you prefer cooler sleeping conditions, you're out of luck. Traditional heaters tend to maintain a constant temperature, which might not align with your sleep preferences. That means midnight thermostat adjustments or interrupted slumber.

An Era of Smart Homes

It's a brave new world for homes. Imagine controlling your lights with your voice and keeping an eye on your security systems remotely. It's like a whole new way to connect with your crib.

And what could be more central to comfort than our home's temperature?

And that's where Smart Envi comes in, shaking up the heating game to align seamlessly with the whole smart home trend. Imagine having a warm and inviting home where temperature adjustments are as effortless as speaking a command.

Innovative Smart Heater Features

1. Smart Wi-Fi Heating - No Hub Required

Smart Envi takes the hassle out of constantly getting up to adjust the temperature. No additional hub is required. Just download the Smart Envi app and start enjoying remote-controlled comfort.

2. Smart Zone Heating

Zone heating allows you to personalize comfort room by room. With Smart Envi, you can adjust the heating in each area independently. It's like having a control center for the multiple thermostats throughout your home.

3. Timer and Scheduling Functions

Smart Envi's timer and scheduling functions let you set up automatic daily routines from the app. Wake up to a warm living room or return home to a toasty bedroom – it's all effortlessly controlled.

4. Geofencing

Geofencing is a game-changer in smart heating. With this feature, Smart Envi can adjust the heat based on your location. It knows when you're leaving and returning home, ensuring energy isn't wasted when you're away.

5. Multi-Colored Night Light

Smart Envi even pays attention to your home's ambiance. The multi-colored night light brings a new dimension to simple heating.

Think about this scenario: It's nighttime, and you're tiptoeing through a shadowy hallway for a sip of water or to peek at your snoozing kiddo. The soft, gentle glow of the multi-colored night light guides your steps, preventing fumbling in the dark.

The night light isn't limited to a single color. With the Smart Envi app, you can choose from a spectrum of colors to match your mood or décor. Opt for a soothing blue to create a serene bedtime atmosphere or a warm orange to add a cozy touch to your living room.

6. Auto Dimming Display

We all know how important a good night's sleep is. Smart Envi acknowledges this and takes it a step further with its auto-dimming display.

Imagine: You're in your bedroom, and you've set your Smart Envi to the perfect sleeping temperature. As you settle into bed, the room darkens, signaling that it's time to rest. With the lights out, the last thing you want is a bright display disrupting your sleep.

Customizing Your Heating Zones

What's really neat about the Smart Envi Heater is that you can set up custom heating zones in your home.

Being able to tailor the temperature to suit your needs in each area of your living space would be quite a convenience for most people. With Smart Envi, this level of customization is at your fingertips.

No more heating up your entire home when you're really just in a few rooms.

                                      smart heater

How the Smart Envi Heater Works

Creating heating zones with Smart Envi is straightforward, as you can simply assign each heater to a specific zone via the Smart Envi app.

For example, you can designate the living room, bedroom, and home office as separate zones. Then, you can set individual temperature preferences for each zone. You have the choice of either the plug-in or hardwired versions, the latter of which offers both 120v and 220v variants.

Tailored Comfort

Let's consider a typical scenario. It's a chilly winter evening, and you're in the living room watching your favorite movie. You want to keep the living room toasty warm, but there's no need to heat the bedroom or the kitchen at the same temperature.

With Smart Envi, you can focus the heat on the living room zone, keeping it cozy while maintaining energy efficiency in the other areas.

A Greener, Smarter Home

Beyond the sheer convenience, Smart Envi also contributes to a greener home. By optimizing heating and reducing unnecessary energy consumption, you're not just creating a cozy space; you're also being eco-conscious.

Your Cozy, Connected Home Awaits

In conclusion, Smart Envi, in harmony with Alexa and Google Home, brings your dream of a cozy, connected home to life.

With features like smart zone heating, geofencing, and timer and scheduling functions, your home's heating becomes effortlessly personalized.

The result? A space that not only listens to your needs but anticipates them, providing comfort at your command. So, why wait? Experience a more controlled warmth of a home with the Smart Envi.


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