Convection Heaters and Why They Are the Best

Jordan McCourt | 22nd Dec 2021

A reliable and energy-efficient heater is something that everyone needs in the winters. It's an essential source of heat to keep your place warm and cozy during this season.

There are a lot of them in the market that you can select according to your space, heating requirement, and interior design. There are also multiple technologies to keep in mind, that differ from heater to heater. And there's always the question - which of these technologies is best for keeping my home warm at minimal energy consumption?

Well, the answer to that question will depend on your space and requirement, but, in general, convection heaters are preferable. Let's have a deeper look at the various heater technologies and why the convection heater surpasses the other heaters. 

Different Technologies Used for Heaters

The modern indoor room heaters mainly use three different technologies for raising temperature—conduction, convection, and radiation.

Conduction: This technology is the oldest and the simplest. The indoor space heaters using this technique consist of a coil or a rod made from highly electrically resistive material. As the electricity passes through it, the coil starts to heat and eventually turns red. The heating produced by this rod or coil then warms the nearby air molecules. These molecules transmit the heat to molecules near them, starting a chain reaction of heat transmission. And with time, all the air in the room becomes warm.

Radiation: Radiation is a highly risky heating technology, and very few heaters actually use it. This is because the heating technology uses infrared radiation to heat the surface wherever the radiation is directed.

Convection: Electric heaters for houses that use convection technology usually consist of two parts—the heating element and a fan. The working of these heaters is similar to conduction heaters, but here, the coil or heating element does not turn red. It produces mild heat and sometimes uses a fan to spread it rapidly. 

Why are Convection Heaters the best?

The indoor space heater using convection technology has multiple benefits over conduction or radiation heaters. For instance, the conduction-based indoor heater needs the element to glow red hot and has no medium to spread the heat. The high resistance and slow heating make the heater non-efficient. You may have to encounter hefty electric bills because of this.

Radiation heaters, however, don't have an efficiency problem, but their heat is limited and uneven. The heater uses radiation meaning anything close to the heater will get heated faster, while objects further away will need more time to get warm. Moreover, the heater cannot heat anything that's not in its “line of sight.”

Convection heaters have none of these problems. They use air as the medium and have inbuilt mechanisms to increase airflow. So, they can heat the room much faster and with much less energy consumption than the other heating methods. Not to mention, its heating effect is uniform throughout the space it’s in. This is why most high-energy efficiency space heaters use this technology. 

Types of Convection Heaters

Convection technology is a part of a number of indoor space heaters available in the market. However, based on the design and build, they can be broadly classified into the following types.

Fan Room Heater

Let's say you are planning to buy a small or compact-type heater that sits on a tabletop. The indoor space heater has a square, box shape and sits vertically. It has a small fan with multiple heating elements. The device is highly portable, lightweight, and is suitable for any home that needs low heating.

Tower Electric Heater

Tower-type electric heaters, as the name suggests, are vertical heaters. The heater design consists of multiple sections with a somewhat silent fan to heat the room. You can find this type in both metallic and plastic builds. Both of them have similar efficiency but may differ in durability and weight.

Moreover, the metallic build usually comes with fins that radiate heat to further speed up room heating.

Wall Panel Heaters

The wall panel heaters are a newer heater design compared to the other two. It offers all the benefits they do, but with multiple added benefits. For instance, these indoor space heaters come in both hardwired and plug-in models.

Moreover, these heaters have nicer aesthetics and are very easy to install. And if you choose a quality manufacturer, you can also expect the heater to have an inbuilt wire organizer. It helps to make the heater low-profile and ensure there are no tangled wires around it.


Envi heater is an American manufacturing company that produces the most innovative wall panel heaters. Our heaters offer innovative design, high efficiency, and, most of all, high safety. Every wall panel heater we make has Wall-Sens technology that turns off the heater as soon as it's taken off the wall. The heaters also have an inbuilt thermostat that lets you control the temperature.

And the best part is that we have a whole range of heaters. You can choose any of them according to your power requirement, indoor area, and your design preferences. 


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