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    Wall Mounted Electric Panel Heaters

    Slim, safe, silent, and stylish, the wall-mounted envi heater delivers up to 50% savings on your heating bills!

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    Envi Heater Thermostats

    High capacity thermostats allow multiple Envi Heaters to be controlled with a single thermostat. Find a thermostat now!

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    Envi Heater Timers

    These discreet switches feature programmable memory and do not need batteries. Two options are available for your needs.

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    Envi Heater Hardware Accessories

    Our Envi Heaters are compatible with several optional accessories, from recessed receptacles to telephone control modules.

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The Envi Wall-Mounted Electric Panel Heater is one of the most efficient, stylish, and innovative convection-based space heaters ever developed. We have introduced five models, including for the first time ever, the Envi Hardwired Heater - perfect for commercial installations. The Envi Wall Mounted Heater is great for indoor spaces such as living rooms, small bedrooms, or as a perfect bathroom heater. They are also child-safe so that you will have consistent peace of mind!


World's Number One Wall Mounted Panel Heater

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