Debunking the Myths of Electric Heating with a Wall-Mounted Electric Heater (120V)

21st Feb 2023

It seems that there are still a lot of myths out there in the minds of homeowners about the costs and general utility of electric heating.

The thing is, electric heating is not a one-size-fits-all entity. There are many different types and styles of electric heaters and all of them carry their own benefits - and drawbacks.

So let’s tackle some of these more pervasive myths and get into how a wall-mounted electric heater (120V) like our Envi heaters, can break free of them.

Myth 1: Electric Heat Is Expensive

The correction to this myth should read, “electric heat can be expensive.” There are expensive forms of electric heating, it is true. For instance, electric coil and electric baseboard heating, both of which use electricity, are associated with high running costs.

But the Envi wall-mounted electric heater (120V) is not; in fact, it can run for as little as 4 cents per hour.

                                       Electric Heat

Myth 2: Electric Heating Is Dangerous/Creates a Fire Risk

Once more, this myth needs a qualifier to be accurate. Electric heating can create a fire risk or a higher risk of burns, especially among pets, children, and the elderly.

For instance, electric baseboard heaters must be conscientiously installed and care must be taken to keep them clean and prevent drapes, toys, or furniture from being placed too close to them - these can create a risk of fire.

They also get very hot during operation and if carelessly touched can cause burns.

But, once more, our Envi Electric Heaters feature built-in Wall Sens technology and are totally safe to use, even around children, pets and elders.

Myth3: Electric Heaters Are Expensive/Difficult to Install

Once again, this is an issue of wording. Some types of electric heaters can be very expensive and may require professional installation.

Take, for instance, an electric heat pump. While electric heat pumps are considered very energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and have very long lifespans, the units themselves are prohibitively expensive and must be installed by professionals.

The same cost of installation goes for other forms of electric heating like electric baseboard and electric coil heating. These are both also very expensive and expensive to install.

Our Envi wall-mounted electric heaters (120V) are not only affordable themselves, they do not require professional installation.

Myth 4: Electric Heaters Are Associated with High Maintenance Costs

This isn’t just electric heaters, really. Most other forms of central heating and baseboard heating are associated with high maintenance costs. For instance, gas furnaces must be serviced at least once per year (preferably twice) to keep them in peak condition. Filters should be changed every few months at least.

Some electric heaters are the same. For instance, heat pumps, like gas furnaces, should also be serviced at least once per year. Electric baseboard heaters should be cleaned several times per year to mitigate the risk of fire.

Our wall-mounted electric heaters by contrast are associated with no maintenance costs.

Myth 5: Electric Heaters Dry Out the Air, Exacerbating Asthma and Seasonal Conditions

Some electric heaters do, in fact, produce a notoriously dry heat that can exacerbate respiratory conditions like asthma and can make living conditions less comfortable in the colder months, especially when the air is already dry.

But our Envi wall-mounted electric zone heaters do not dry out the air, which makes them much more suitable for those with sensitivities or respiratory conditions.

Myth 6: Electric Heaters (Like Other Heaters) Circulate Allergens, Bacteria, and Mold Spores

Forced-hot air heaters that have fans circulate the hot air they produce around a home. While this can be highly efficient at heating up a space, it comes at a price - these types of heaters circulate pathogens and allergens like mold spores, dander, and bacteria.

Like uncomfortably dry air, this can cause complications for those with respiratory sensitivities and presents a health risk for all living in the space. The problems compound themselves whenever air filters are not changed regularly.

Our Envi wall-mounted electric heaters use dual-stack convection technology that does not circulate the air, and since they don’t use forced-air technology, there are no filters to replace.

Myth 7: Electric Heaters Are Inefficient

Some electric heaters are inefficient, like electric baseboard heating, which consumes a large amount of electricity to produce heat.

The Envi wall-panel heaters we sell here, however, are very energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. They convert all electrical energy directly into heat and use very little energy, to begin with.

Myth 8: Electric Heaters (Like Other Forms of Heaters) Are Noisy and Obnoxious

Heat pumps and gas furnaces are pretty loud, that is true. They can interrupt sleep and are irritatingly loud.

Envi electric wall heaters do not have fans or motors, in fact, they have no moving parts whatsoever. This makes them completely silent.

Myth 9: Electric Heaters Are Bulky or Take Up Too Much Space

This is certainly true of electric heat pumps which are large, obtrusive units that will need dedicated space in a home. It’s also true of electric baseboard heaters. While they are not bulky or large, you need to accommodate the layout of a room to install them and care must be taken when arranging furniture.

Our Envi wall-mounted electric heaters (120V) are only 2” thick. They can be installed basically anywhere in a room, including behind furniture.

Ready to Learn More About Our Wall-Mounted Electric Heaters (120V)?

These are just some of the myths associated with electric heating in its more popular forms. If you still have questions or concerns about electric heating and are not sure if your suspicions are rooted in actuality, please consult our “Envi and Other Heating Methods” comparison page, where we dispel a lot of misconceptions.

You can also reach out to us directly with questions and we’ll help you out. Let us know what your needs are in home heating, and what you’d like to see from an electric zone heating system, and we’ll let you know how you can get the most from Envi wall-mounted heaters.


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