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Man Cave & Envi Heater: Host Like A Pro!

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Envi Heater and Man Cave paintable

The lights are low, the game is on, and you have your favorite drink in hand. All your buds are over for the game of the year, and you’ve all been talking about who’s going to win this weekend. Everything is set, the food, the drinks, there’s only one problem with your man cave – it is freezing cold!

Don’t be that host!

If the game is heating up, so should your Man Cave!

The Normal Man Cave

Man Cave’s sadly are a second thought when it comes to a house. Most of them are built as an afterthought. “Well we don’t use the garage, so why not” or “The back kids room is now open” are some examples of where most man caves are created.

This “afterthought” setup makes it hard to build a solid man cave. This is why the DIY Network created the show Man Caves with Tony Siragusa & Jason Cameron. Jason actually is now apart of the Envi Nation and is helping us move this amazing product forward into many man caves in America and Canada.

There is a need to know how to build a solid man cave. Thankfully there are many new technologies that help with the needs of a man cave. Wireless TV’s, Yeti coolers, surround sound speaker systems just to name a few of the new technology for the everyday man cave. But what is a good game on that 55in TV with those awesome speakers drinking cold liquid from that Yeti if the room feels … yucky, or cold, or damp!

The Envi Heater in Man Caves

Most likely you took a solid year to prep your man cave before you ever invited the guys over. Making sure all the channels worked perfectly, the TV was set just right and so on. Now you’re starting to realize that old basement or kids’ room or garage is a little colder than you remember from spring and summer. This is where the Envi Heater completes your man cave.

Don’t settle for a heater that does not complete your man cave. Don’t get a heater that dries out all the air in your room with those high wattage. No one likes to yell with a dry throat! Also, having your friend all standing around heating while trying to look over each other to the 55in TV is not cool!

The Envi Heater is the perfect man cave solution. It mounts on the wall low and out of the way for more sitting space. Because of the low wattage the Envi creates a warm feel in the man cave that allows for a clear throat yell when your team wins on the last kick. Also, designing a man cave to fit your team or region is SUPER important.

The Envi Heater is paintable! Just use plastic base paint and you’re good to go.

We want to make your Man Cave everything you ever dreamed it to be! So if you need a hardwire heater or you need a plug-in we have Envi's in both models.

Envi Heater Man Cave Paintable

Quick Reviews from Man Caves:

Easy Install - Great Heat – Beren Erchamion “Had this unit installed in about 5 minutes using the awesome package to help out. Had it generating quiet and wonderful heat right away. Love it - it is just right to augment the main heat in my basement/man cave.”

Excellent Buy - I now have 3 units! Posted By: Reison “I love this item....I bought 2 last year and decided to buy another for my downstairs man cave.”

Top Features’ of the Envi Heater

  • Operates at only 4 cents an hour
  • Ultra-Safe – Wall sensor technology
  • Mounted on wall
  • No moving part
  • Cool to the Touch
  • Easy to Install!

Find our more and read more reviews at Get your baseboard replacement heater today – The Envi Heater from eheat, Inc.

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