Plug-in Electric Heaters Are the Ideal Solution for Green Heat and Energy Efficiency

21st Nov 2022

It has long been known that the electrification of heating systems can potentially reduce greenhouse gas emissions. However, it turns out that electric heat may not only be better for the planet, but it can also save you money. Those are two wins in one convenient format.

Let’s take a look at both of these in closer depth.

Electric Heating and Carbon Emissions

To investigate the positive impacts electric heating can have on carbon emissions, we can point to existing information on the carbon emissions associated with heat pumps, which, though they are very different from our stack convection heaters, are also widely used to heat homes and are touted for their ability to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

An analysis released by UC Davis showed that electric heating (in the form of heat pumps) has the potential to substantially reduce greenhouse gas emissions over the long term.

Specifically, the analysis suggested that heat pumps had the potential to reduce CO2 emissions by as much as 38% to 53% over gas furnaces, and cut 20-year global warming potential (GWP) by anywhere from 53% to 67%.

The analysis was fair to note that these forms of heating are responsible for carbon emissions in the form of electrical generation, and that refrigerant leaks associated with heat pumps also have an environmental impact.

Our zone heating solutions do not use refrigerants like heat pumps. All energy is directly converted to heat and our heaters use very little electrical energy in the first place.

We would like to note that though this data is relevant to electrical heating, our convection heaters operate according to different principles from heat pumps; therefore, the only carbon emissions associated with them are those arising as a result of electricity generation itself.

That makes convection heaters like an eheat Envi Plug-in Electric Heater a fairly green, and responsible solution to home heating  - and much greener than other forms of electric heating, making them among the most sustainable and environmentally conscious of all forms of heating.

Electric Heating and Utility Costs

While a plug-in electric heater can be a responsible avenue for cutting a home’s carbon footprint, it is not the only reason to invest in one, and far from the most practical one.

Consider the fact that an electric heater can save you substantially on heating costs through the cooler months of the year.

In fact, for some homes, Envi heaters can cut heating costs by as much as 50%!

Our Envi heaters use several technologically advanced features to continuously push the envelope of energy efficiency in electrical home heating.

For one, they use a special system known as “stack convection heating,” which consists of multiple stacks of convection pathways through the heater, which draw in cool, dense air at the bottom of the heater, warming it as it rises, and releasing it out of the top.

This technology uses the physical principle of convection to draw in air; eliminating the need for a fan, which wastefully consumes electricity, increasing the energy inefficiency of a heater.

This fanless design results in a steady, continual flow of heat from the top of the heater, and the configuration itself allows the heater to operate at a relatively low wattage (500) that costs very little to run. In fact, it only costs as low as 4 to 5 cents per hour to run an Envi plug-in electric heater.

                  plug-in electric heater

Compare this with other forms of heating, such as gas heat and electric baseboard heat, which not only are associated with high running costs but waste energy heating unoccupied rooms in the house. With plug-in wall heaters, you can truly control the heat in each room in the house through zone heating that is much more precise than traditional alternatives.

Energy efficiency is only one way that plug-in electric heaters like the Envi help keep costs down.

They also save you on maintenance costs. Other forms of heating, such as electric coil heating, gas furnaces, and heat pumps, are associated with high to very high yearly maintenance costs. An Envi plug-in electric heater is maintenance-free. Not only that, it comes with a 3-year warranty.

On top of impressively low operating costs, and no maintenance costs, the upfront costs of purchasing a plug-in electric heater are low, at only $179.95. This is substantially lower than the upfront and installation costs of all other forms of heating except space heaters, which are not a legitimate or safe solution to home heating, anyway.

Make the Investment Today!

Reduced carbon emissions and substantially lower operating costs are two very good reasons to invest in Envi plug-in electric heaters, but there are many more.

They are simple to install, slim and modern, and safe around children, pets, and seniors, thanks to their cool-to-the-touch front panel, Wall-Sens? technology, and automatic thermal cutoff. 

They’re also quiet, thanks to the fanless design, which also makes them health-conscious, too. The lack of forced air means that our heaters don’t circulate dust and allergens around your home.

To learn more about our revolutionary plug-in electric heaters, visit the previous link or get in touch with our representatives today to discuss solutions for moving your home towards a greener, more energy-efficient, more cost-effective heating model.


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