The Best Way to Heat Your Garage or Workshop

19th Jun 2018

Heating for Garage or Workshop

Before summer temperatures start going up, it can be uncomfortable to do work in your unheated garage or workshop. This is especially true if you live somewhere that has freezing temperatures over the last few weeks of winter. Nobody enjoys having numb fingers or putting on layers of clothing just to work on projects. That’s why many people are looking for options to heat their workshops, without having to deal with the intricacies of a full heating system. Many of our customers buy our heaters for this exact reason, but first, let’s take a step back and take a look at the different things you need to consider before making a decision.

Amount of Heat Needed

Before choosing an option to keep you nice and warm, there are some things you should think about first. One of those is how much heat you actually need. If your climate is often cold, but you have a good amount of insulation, you need a lower power output (wattage) than someone with poor insulation. If you’re in an area that doesn’t get very cold and have a considerable amount of insulation, you’ll require even less heat output (measured in watts) to get your garage to a reasonable temperature and keep it there.

Upfront Heating Costs

You will likely want to consider budget when choosing the right system for your needs. Something like the Envi Wall Mounted Heater, which you can set up very easily on your own, is going to be considerably less expensive than a system that requires professional installation and maintenance. Other budget considerations include (sales) taxes, along with any shipping costs. If you are choosing a non-portable heater, there will also be fees for wiring, piping, and other components of the heating system.

Cost of Operating your Heater

In addition to the upfront cost, you also want to choose a heating solution that has a low operating cost. That means researching how expensive certain fuel or energy costs are, how much energy is needed for it to run, and how efficient it is. If you are interested in more information about a comparison of fuel costs, there is one to download on the U.S. Energy Information Administration website. We obsessively designed the Envi heater to become the most efficient electric heater in the market, reaching an operation cost of only 4 cents an hour ($0.04/hr) to operate (varies depending on the price of electricity in your region). If you are considering an electric heater, the Envi will be the most cost efficient heater you’ll find.

Ease of Installation and Usage

If you don’t mind spending time getting the heat up to a reasonable temperature, you might be okay with a woodstove which requires more effort than other options. However, many of us prefer something we can plug in or operate at the push of a button, immediately feeling an effect in our garage or workshop. So, when looking at heating options consider the following: 

  1. How easy is it to install: Will you need to hire someone or can you do it yourself?
  2. How easy is it to operate: Is the heater's operation as simple as pushing a button to heat, or will you need to take complex steps for it to do what you want?
  3. Does it have a thermometer included: Can you ensure the temperature stays where you want it without having to fiddle with controls?

Envi Electric Heaters for your Garage or Workshop

There are several reasons why many of our customers purchase the Envi for their Garages and Workshops. These heaters are made to heat areas of approximately 120-150 square feet, and work nicely in garages and workshops. It heats up quickly, often providing some warmth within a minute or two. They also have other perks associated with them. They are affordable to acquire when compared to other HVAC systems and even more affordable to operate. They don’t produce harmful gasses in your space. Installing them is simple, as well. They hang on your wall, so they aren’t going to take up precious space you need for your projects. And they're extremely easy to install while it's low profile barely takes up any space. If you’re looking for efficiency and convenience, this is the right heating option for your workshop.

Convection/Space Heaters

Another option is the regular space heater, which uses heated disks, coils, or chambers filled with oil to heat the room. They are good at maintaining room temperatures at even levels of heat as some of the cheapest options around, available in many different models and styles. However, regular space heaters are more likely to overheat. They also need to be placed in areas away from other objects and drafty areas. If upfront cost is most important, this might be an option to consider, but you should exercise caution.

Radiant Heaters

This type of heater uses infrared rays to heat areas in a room. One of the most significant advantages of this type of heater is that it can instantly bring you heat, but unfortunately only to areas in direct line of sight. However, they are only useful in small spaces. You could point one at your workshop bench and heat up a small area, but if you are moving around at all, this option may not be the best choice for warming your space.

Deciding What Heater Works Best for You

When you read through these options, you might find that one of them sounds just right for your space. If that’s the case, you probably will not go wrong exploring that potential solution to your heating needs. Before you make that purchase, make sure you look into the information about the exact heater you are interested in. By reading over the specifications and looking at the user’s manual, you will know for sure that you are choosing the right heater for your personal workshop.


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