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Tips on How to Prevent Allergies

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Summer allergies are upon us. From flowers to dust it is a consistent breeze that blows throughout the summer months across North America. Every person has an allergy on some level, and this brings up an important part of daily lives. What are we doing to prevent allergies in the summer … and during winter?

Hot vs. Cold

Allergies lead to cold flu’s and this causes major pain and discomfort for people. Most associate cold flu with cold weather. Why is that? Here is an article from about cold weather and allergies.

Mom always said not to go outside in winter without a jacket or you'll catch a cold. If she was right, then you definitely wouldn't want to head outside in Oymyakon, Russia, the coldest city in the world where winter temperatures average minus 50 C (minus 58 F).

While mom's advice seems in line with logic -- after all, cold and flu season coincides with the coldest months of the year -- cold weather doesn't actually cause the illness to spread. But some of the circumstances that arise because of cold weather certainly help its propagation.

Per, one reason the cold and flu spreads more in winter months is the simple fact that the cold weather causes people to spend more time in close proximity with one another -- especially in schools and in the home.

Another reason has to do with body temperature. The Los Angeles Times reported that rhinoviruses, the most common cause of colds, breed better when the body is just below it's 98.6 degree Fahrenheit temperature. Yale University researchers published an article in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences that in a human body at 91 degrees Fahrenheit, the virus can reproduce in a "robust" fashion because the cells that would normally fight off viruses failed to notice their presence and in turn failed to combat it.

In addition to all of this, cold air also helps moisture evaporate from coughs and sneezes, which allows the core of the virus to stay in the air longer. Pair that with lowered body temperatures and people congregated together in groups and you've got the perfect recipe of the spread of cold and flu.

So going outside without your jacket and scarf may not be the direct cause of winter illness, but it certainly has a role to play, however indirect.”

Prevent Allergies

So while cold weather aids in creating flu like environments remember there are ways to prevent these circumstances in winter and summer!  How?

1.Enjoy Summer – live it up, go outside, enjoying being warm and happy

2.Own a healthy heating source – to prevent cold flu, stay warm, and breath healthy air when around others

Remember to live healthy! Eat healthy foods, sleep well and remember to fight the circumstances that would lead to a cold. Do not stay inside all summer and be a bum! Go outside and be warm and enjoy the season of sunshine and relaxation. This will help your allergies in the summer, and before you know it winter will be here and you’ll wish the summer was here.

Don’t be caught off guard by the healthy heating in your house that aids in cold flu. Get healthy! Do have healthy heating for your family go to to learn more about the Envi Heater – the economical, healthy, & safe space heater.

Stay warm, Stay healthy

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