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The Top 4 Safety Features of Envi Heaters

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Unbelievable safety features

Anyone who has children knows that keeping them safe is top priority.  It is not always easy to know the best way to keep them safe.  However, when it comes heating their room there is only one best option - the Envi Heater!

1. Cool to the Touch

Our Envi Heater has cool to the touch design with our amazingly safe front panel.  This means when our unit is on you can put your hand on the outside and you will not be burnt.  This was designed to help people have a more friendly environment for children, elderly, and family pets. You can have a peace of mind about the surface of the heater being safe for all!

2. WalSens Technology

We have designed a premier safety switch.  This switch allows our customers to plug-in our unit turn it on and leave it 24/7 with peace of mind.  If the unit is not install on the wall or properly installed the unit will not heat.  This allows for assurance of no burning of carpet and no catching fire to a house.

3. Thermal Cutoff

If the unit gets above a certain temperature the unit will shutoff to stop the unit from reaching too high of temperature.

4. Locking Bar

This built in safety feature allows for a lock on the unit.  This prevents the unit from being hit hard and coming off the wall.  This is a bonus safety feature because it adds just one more layer of safety for your room.

Slim Design Space Heater

Envi’s slim line design takes up hardly any space but yet can really heat up your space. Envi is fanless and has no moving parts, does not dry out the air and runs quietly.

Visit us website at to learn more about this unbelievable space heater or call 800-807-0107.

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