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Where Was My Winter? Will I Get My Spring?

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Envi Heater a electric wall mounted space heater

After all of the crazy weather that has happened this year, one would hope that the craziness would come to an end! But it looks like good ol’ Mother Nature is at it once again with a nationwide winter storm during the first week of spring. The questions I am asking myself is “where was my winter?”, and “will I even get spring”?

Where was Winter?

As I sit here thinking about this winter I am reminded of pictures from Buffalo where there was no snow in the month of December and how in Alaska they had to put snow on the ground in the cities so they could move the snowmobiles around the town.

This was crazy!

During December we were all thinking “when is winter finally going to get here?” and the just did not come. Finally, we saw a glimpse of hope for winter in January with a big snow storm - Goliath, but that was met with February being named “the most above average temperature on record”. Is it too much to say that I really wanted winter this year! And I also would like spring!

Am I Going To Have Spring

Sunday marked the first day of spring and it was beautiful! Birds were singing, sun was in the air – so exciting! However, now I’m looking at a nationwide snow storm that is about to sweep the nation – why Mother Nature why! Is it too much to ask to just have spring in the spring time and winter in the winter time?

Enough ranting.

I love snow and winter, and I love sunshine and spring. However, this snow storm is about to sweep the nation and cause everyone to be freezing once again. How much freezing?

When & Where

According to the experts it looks like the snow will be in the Rocky Mountains through Wednesday, and then will make its way east through the weekend hitting the east coast. They are trying to say there will be a foot of snow in the mountains and at least 6in on the east coast. Either way cold temperatures are coming this week.

Staying Comfortable

If you’re reading this blog you most likely know that I sale space heaters and this blog is to help inform people about how to stay safe and warm. So why do I want spring to come? Mainly because I’m human and spring makes me happy, but the other reason is because spring time means chilly nights.  

I know you want to stay comfortable all year long as I do. The Envi Heater is the perfect solution for when a cold chill is sent down your spine on those brisk spring evenings. There is nothing better than having a electric space heater that you know is safe and efficient. You are not going to want to turn on that huge heating system just for one room. So we help you stay comfortable, safe, and efficient throughout the spring. Visit us at to stay comfortable!

So even though I did not get my winter, I hope I get my spring!

Stay Safe, Stay Warm

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