Envi Troubleshooting


THIS HEATER WILL NOT TURN ON UNLESS MOUNTED ON A WALL (Please read below about this unique safety feature on page 10 of our owner's manual)

This heater will not operate (power is disconnected) unless it is attached to a wall using the supplied wall mounting clips which engage the internal “wall-sens” safety switch.


This troubleshooting video uses an older model, Envi Heater, but the concept and troubleshooting steps are identical to the current model Envi Heaters


In addition to the overheat safety cut-off , the Envi Heater is now equipped with an additional layer of safety to give you greater peace of mind. Wall-SensTM technology means that in the event that the Envi heater is ever removed from the wall, power will be immediately cut to the heater. This of course means that the heater will not work if it is simply removed from its packaging and plugged into a wall outlet. It must be mounted properly (safely) and then plugged in (or hardwired) in order for it to be begin to heat.

The number one trouble shooting tip is to check that the internal, electrical safety switch (Wall-SensTM) is being engaged. The heater WILL NOT OPERATE AT ALL if this switch is not engaged. This problem occurs when the right hand side of the heater is not pushed down far enough between the gap between the wall and the mounting clip. The mounting clip can become squished if it is screwed in too hard. Uneven walls can also cause the same mounting/wall switch problems.




Does your Envi heat but appears to have no light?

The Envi has a self-dimming LED that will dim in lower light conditions for those with sensitive sleeping habits. In some cases, the LED is somewhat dimmer and won’t appear to be on. Turn off the lights in your room. The LED could be more sensitive so it appears to be off until the room is dark enough. As long as you feel heat coming out of the envi, it is working properly.


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