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Envi Product Questions

The performance of our plug-in and hardwire Envi heaters are identical. All Envi heaters consume the same amount of electricity (500 Watts) and are designed to heat the same amount of space (130-150sf). The only difference is the wiring itself to accommodate our customer's voltage requirements. It is very important to have your electrician verify what your existing voltage is or what the voltage will be, as wiring the unit to the wrong voltage can cause the unit to malfunction and void your 3-year warranty. Each heater uses the energy equivalent of 4 to 5 light bulbs. Utilizing the Envi heater can produce savings by turning back central heat and using the Envi in targeted areas of your home. Based on the national average of 10 cents per hour the Envi would cost only approximately 5 cents per hour to operate! This of course may vary per state. Many Customers have reported reduction in their heating bills of up to 50% or more.
The cord is 6 feet long and includes a handy cord storage area, as well as a right angle plug to accommodate cord placement behind or near furniture, further complementing the Envi heater’s low profile.
Yes, the Envi heater is tested and listed, and conforms to the following safety listings: Conforms to UL Standard - UL 2021 (Intertek ETL Mark for the United States) Certified to CAN/CSA Standard - C22.2 No. 46 (CSA Mark for Canada) Conforms to IEC Standard - 60335-1 & 60335-2-30 (International) Conforms to AS/NZS - 60335.1 & 60335.2.30 (Australia and New Zealand)
The Envi heater can be installed in just a few minutes with the included mounting kit. All you need is a screwdriver and the easy to follow instructions. Check out the installation video below for step by step assistance.
The Envi is designed to heat an average room of about 10 by 15 feet, or roughly 130 - 150 square feet in a room with adequate insulation. In rooms that have inadequate insulation, or a lot of windows, we recommend a ratio of one Envi heater per 60 – 80 square feet. The general temperature range that you can expect is between about 65 - 75 degrees, depending on the size room and insulation.
Yes, as there are no exposed elements that put your bathroom at risk for fires from accidental contact with towels or clothing. Envi heaters are safe even when exposed to moist air or steam, just take care to mount them far enough away from showers and tubs. Please check your local statutes regarding the use of electrical appliances in bathrooms or wet areas. Some jurisdictions state that electrical appliances must be installed above shoulder height.
The Envi heater can be mounted on gypsum, plaster, shiplap, lattice, wood paneling, log cabin (wooden walls), drywall, brick, stone, concrete/cement, and PVC.
For optimal results when installing the Envi heater, it is recommended that the unit is mounted 6 to 8 inches from the floor to the bottom of the heater where the cold air is pulled from. The warm air the Envi produces exits the unit from the top vent and we recommend allowing for 3 ft clearance above the heater.
Since the surface temperature of the heater is designed to stay cool to the touch and doesn't exceed about 92 degrees Farenheiht, you can safely place furniture in front or to the sides of the unit. Make sure to leave plenty of space for air flow above and below the heater.
No, it cannot. The Envi heater must be mounted vertically in order for it to function properly.
A convection heater is a heater which operates by circulating air through the body of the appliance, and across its heating element. This heats up the air, causing it to increase in volume and rise. This quick change in temperature creates an air current and evenly distributes warm air throughout its occupied space. Because of this natural ventilation, convection heaters are quieter in operation and does not dry the air. A convection heater may have an electrical heater element, a hot water coil, or a steam coil.
The Envi does not require any special maintenance. All that is needed is dusting the unit off occasionally by blowing air through the top vent with a can of compressed air to remove any dust that may have accumulated.
At the highest heat output the air coming out of the top of the Envi will reach about 130 to 150 degrees. The wall will feel warm as the air passes over it, but this is normal and not a danger to any construction materials including paint, drywall, wood paneling or wall paper. The auto-ignition temperature for paper is 451deg.F which is significantly higher than the temperatures produced by the Envi heater.
We recommend a five step process. 1) Remove the heater from the wall. 2) Remove the bottom access door with a screw driver. 3) Carefully work the excess cord into the cavity. This can be tricky but we have found the best method is to use a plastic or wooden ruler and push up 12 inches at a time in long loops until you reach the desired remaining cordset length. 4) Replace the bottom access door. 5) Remount the heater on the wall and you're done!
For spaces larger than 150 square feet we recommmend using an additional unit in incriments of 1 unit per 150 square feet.
All of the Envi heaters are of the same dimensions and heat the same 150 square foot space.
Warm air exits the Envi from the top vent of the heater.
No, the Envi heater must be mounted upright, 6-8 inches from the ground, in order for the unit to effectively create the convection current to warm your room.
Our Envi heater models that end with the letter 'T' come with a built-in temperature sensing thermostat for easy temperature regulation as indicated. The Envi does not need any additional items to control the heater.
The LE5012P pulls approximately 4.2 amps
We recommend having at least 3 feet of clearance above the top vent of the unit.
For maximum efficiency, the Envi heater should be installed as close to the floor as possible (6-8 inches is ideal), however, installation up to 18 inches off the floor is acceptable for smaller rooms. We recommend that all heaters be mounted on an interior wall away from open doors and windows. For best usage, you would want a 3 ft clearance above the unit, free from picture frames, switches or windows.
The plug-in Envi heater is compatible with a plug-in thermostat, like the PT300, hardwired Envi units are compatible with in-line voltage thermostats. Please make sure the thermostat is intended for use with the same voltage as the Envi heater it is being connected to. Please be sure NOT to mount your external thermostat above the Envi heater, as the Envi heater will not operate correctly as the heat from the heater will cause the thermostat to turn on or off prematurely.
The Gen 1 Envi heaters (e.g., model # HH1012T), are 475 watts. The Gen 2 Envi heaters (e.g., model # HH3012T) have a redesigned top vent design and power button, as well as upgraded internal electrical components. The Gen 3 Envi heaters (e.g., model # LE5012P) are completely redesigned from the ground up.
All of the Envi hardwired models have 16 gauge wiring and conforms to UL standards.
Hardwiring instructions are included in the owner’s manual. We have several Envi hardwired models including:Hardwiring instructions are included in the owner’s manual. We have several Envi hardwired models including:
LE5012D (120V with a built-in thermostat)
LE5022D (220V with a built in thermostat)
Yes, the Envi heater is a perfect replacement for your Cadet heater! Most Cadet-style heaters are 240 volts, so we recommend using the 220 volt Envi heaters to replace the Cadet heater. As always, please verify the voltage with a certified electrician to ensure you purchase the correct model Envi heater.
Both the 120 volt and 220 volt models of the Envi heater work exactly the same. They are both 500 watts. The only thing that differs is the supply voltage. The reason we have a 220/240 volt Envi heater as well as a 120 volt is because many people prefer to have appliances on a dedicated 240 volt circuit. Additionally, most commercial buildings only use appliances on 240 volt circuits, so it is much more convenient to install the 220 volt Envi heater on that circuit. The 220 volt Envi heater is also only 2.3 amps, allowing you to put more appliances on the circuit.
The Envi heater saves you money due to its low wattage (500 watts). At the National average of $0.10/KWH, it uses 5¢ of electricity per hour of operation, compared to other space heaters that can use up to 18¢ per hour.
All the Envi models’ dimensions are 19"w x 22"h x 2"d.
All Envi heaters use 500 watts of power.
The Envi heater does not have a British Thermal Unit rating. BTUs are an outdated unit of measure that is not applicable with our patented double stack convection technology. We only "measure" the capacity of an Envi heater as 500 watts, designed to heat 120 – 150 SF. For larger rooms, we recommend multiple Envi units (1 per 150 SF).
The heater can be used in: bathrooms, bedrooms, garages & workshops, pet sleeping areas & kennels, mobile homes, motorhomes & RV's, basements, office cubicles, commercial establishments such as hotels & motels, apartments & condos, retirement villas & nursing homes, schools & daycare facilities, guest houses & holiday cabins, hospitals & doctors' waiting rooms.
Convection heaters maximize heat transfer, so heated air is evenly distributed throughout a room without the use of a fan. They take a little longer to work, but this type of heater can be easily controlled with a timer and thermostat, so you don’t overheat the room and you save money.
Yes, you can paint the Envi—preferably with a plastic based paint.
Yes, the Envi heater is safe for birds and does not contain any Teflon/PTFE.
The Envi heater is a dual stack convection heater.
While central heating systems and portable fan heaters use forced air heating, the Envi heater uses Stack Convection Technology to draw in cold air, pass it through dual heating stacks, and allow it to rise hot out of the top of the unit. This patented Dual Stack Convection technology is what makes the Envi heater so efficient and effective.
Yes! This is one of the key features of the Envi heater. The Envi heater has no exposed elements and operates at a safe surface temperature of approximately 90°F. Envi wall mounted heaters feature an automatic thermal cutoff, and each and every unit is subjected to several electrical safety and quality control tests. These are done to ensure that when you take possession of your heater it will be in perfect working order and provide you with risk free heating for years to come. Your mind can be at ease knowing fire safety and quality are our number one priorities.
One of the biggest things on everyone’s minds these days is their health. With indoor pollution on the rise, we decided to design something different by creating a heater that was not only good for the planet, but good for you! Envi heaters eliminate many of the issues that cause people to suffer from allergies and dust. That’s because we use pure, natural convection to circulate the air rather than a fan that kicks up and blows dust and allergens around your house all day long. With the Envi heater you also can stop using the dust filled ductwork of your central heating system and provide a cleaner more natural heating environment for your family. Even those who suffer from Dry-Eye pain or skin conditions can experience relief during the heating season when they use Envi heaters because the low wattage technology provides a much gentler warmth and won’t dry out the air, which causes irritation to your eyes and skin.
Yes, Envi wall mounted heaters are designed to compliment any décor. Using the highest quality materials available, we have created a product that is as stylish as it is functional. With soft touch surfaces and elegant curves the heater is a perfect fit for any style from Contemporary to Victorian. You may also paint the Envi, preferably with a plastic based paint.
Envi wall mounted heaters are constructed in such a way that they can be left on indefinitely, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The heating element is encapsulated within the panel meaning minimal exposure to the air and thus less maintenance problems. Additionally, Envi wall mounted heaters do not need a fan, a high failure rate item on other heaters which must use a fan to blow hot air into a room. Envi wall mounted heaters are backed by a three year manufacturer’s warranty, the best in the industry.
The Envi heater is the safest wall heater on the market. The Envi comes with a 3 year warranty, consumes less electricity and is easy to install and operate.
The Envi heater is silent because there are no moving parts. You can enjoy a warm room without unneccesary noise.
We do offer freight shipping for bulk orders! Please call us at 1-800-807-0107 for more information.
We currently partner with FedEx to ship our heaters
Our free shipping takes approximately 3-5 business days for delivery to the contiguous US.
Yes! Please call our office, toll free, at 1-800-807-0107 for Discounted Shipping Rates 8am - 5pm Central Time.
Yes! We offer free* shipping to Canada. For Canadian Customers, there is a $29.95 tax and duty charge per heater.
No, we are unable to send or provide boxes. We recommend going to your nearest shipping store (UPS, Fedex, etc) to purchase a box. You also may be able to find a box for free from your local grocery store.
No, we only ship free to physical addresses in the contiguous US and we cannot ship to a PO Box, as we use Fedex Home Delivery. If you are in Alaska or Hawaii, please contact us for a shipping quote.
Please see our Orders and Shipping Page for more information or contact us.
Yes, we do! Eheat offers competetive prices for contractors on volume orders. Please call us at 1-800-807-0107 for more information.
No, we do not have any physical stores where you can purchase, you can only purchase the Envi heater online or by calling us at 1-800-807-0107.
Call us at 1-800-807-0107; Email us at support@eheat.com and we can call you; visit us at www.eheat.com. We also do have a small number of resellers throughout the U.S. Please live chat or email us for the most recent list of our resellers.
We are unable to modify or change an existing order in our system. Please call us ASAP at 1-800-807-0107 to have your order cancelled. You can then place a new order with us either online or over the phone for the correct items.
Click "My Account," sign into your account with your email address and password, then click "Order Status," and you will be able to see all your orders placed with us. Click "Order Details" next to each order to view the status of each order along with any tracking numbers.
Email us at support@eheat.com for assistance. You can also print your order invoices from your account on our website.
Please contact us by calling 1-800-807-0107 or email us at support@eheat.com to start a return under our 30-day Return Policy. Please have your name, email address, and order number ready.
Click here to download a brochure containing the Envi cut sheet. These can be submitted to your designer, builder, or architect.
You can attach a 3 prong plug to a hardwired 120V Envi heater Only. DO NOT attach a 3 prong plug to a 220V Envi heater.
When hardwiring any electrical device, we always recommend hiring a professional, certified electrician, as Eheat is not liable for improper installation. Your electrician should know to wire a Hardwired Envi model only in a Parallel configuration. Use at least a 15 amp breaker on your circuit.
YES, as long as it is a commercial grade, 3-prong extension cord.
At different times in history, different countries, including the U.S. have used and had different standards for voltage. Some of this verbiage has stuck around even though most U.S. households are using 120 volts today. 110, 115, and 120 volts can all be used interchangeably.
At different times in history, different countries, including the U.S. have used and had different standards for voltage. Some of this verbiage has stuck around even though most commercial usage for appliances uses 240 volts. 220, 230, and 240 volts can all be used interchangeably.
Yes, please contact us on livechat or via email at support@eheat.com
The Envi heater is designed to be used with 8-10 ft ceilings, in a 150 sq ft room. If you are unsure if the Envi will work for your room, please contact us.
Please review this troubleshooting guide that details how to manually test the Envi's safety switch.
Most likely what is happening with your heater(s), is the safety switch, located on the right side of the unit--the same side as the power button and power cord, is not being activated properly by the right mounting clip. When the Envi is hung on the wall, the right mounting clip touches the safety switch inside that mounting clip hole on the back of the unit. The easiest way to test to see if this is what is preventing the Envi from powering on is to leave the unit PLUGGED IN or POWERED ON at the circuit, take it off the wall, and reach around the right of the unit, and, with a pen or pencil, poke inside that mounting clip hole, replicating a mounting clip going up inside there. You should feel and hear the little switch clicking, being engaged and disengaged. Once you find it, hold your pencil there, leaving it pushed in, and test the power button on the front of the heater. The light should light up red and it should start producing heat.
After following the instructions to mount your Envi heater, plug it in to a standard 120 volt 3-prong outlet Mount, plug-in, thermostat dial, etc.
From time to time we do get feedback from new customers that they have a similar experience with either an initial smell from the heater during the initial startup period. We recommend that customers leave the heater on for 48 - 72 hours during the initial "break-in" period, during which time the new heater odor will dissipate
The Locking Bar on the Envi heater is one of the many safety features designed into the Envi. It is located on the left-hand side of the heater, looking at the front panel
The plug-in Envi heater is compatible with a plug-in thermostat, like the PT300, hardwired Envi units are compatible with line-voltage thermostats. Please make sure the thermostat is intended for use with the same voltage as the Envi heater it is being connected to. Please be sure NOT to mount your external thermostat above the Envi heater, as the Envi heater will not operate correctly as the heat from the heater will cause the thermostat to turn on or off prematurely.
YES, for hardwired heaters, you can control as many heaters as you have on that circuit, which would depend on your circuit's capacity.
The JCI/LuxPro PT300/PSP300 is a plug-in 120 volt programmable thermostat. You simply program your times of the day and temperature(s) you want the Envi heater to power on and off and set it and forget it. Please read more about the PT300 here.
Yes, we do. Mounting kits come with: 2xWall Anchors, 2xMasonry Wall Anchors, 2xMounting Screws, 2xMounting Brackets (clips), 1xAllen Key, 1xLocking Bar Screw. You can purchase extra mounting kits here: https://www.eheat.com/replacement-mounting-kit/
The Envi heater comes with a 3-year warranty. You can view our return policy here.
No, the Envi heater has no user-serviceable parts and should always be sent to the manufacturer for repair by a qualified technician. Attempting to repair your own Envi heater will result in voiding your warranty.

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