Green Heating


eheat is committed to protecting the environment. We design energy-efficient products intended to minimize electrical consumption because we understand the importance of conservation, sustainability, and environmental responsibility.  


Reduce your carbon footprint with the Envi Heater

Producing heat for your home can be an incredibly polluting business. Whether you've been using a firewood, gas, or electrical heater, it's highly likely that your carbon footprint swells considerably whenever you turn up the heating. There's no sense in adding more pollution to the environment - try an Envi Heater!

Our heaters were designed to be as energy-efficient as possible (on average, all of our models work on just 4.17 amps!) so as to ensure that you can stay warm responsibly (and for cheaper!) all year round. 

eheat is also proudly committed to adopting green business practices, which has led to us being recognized by the Green Business Bureau as a certified environmentally responsible business. This is in great part due to our emphasis on using recycled products and our movement towards a paper-free business model. 


Our future is a green future

Taking care of the environment should be everyone's concern. Each of us adds enormous amounts of waste to the planet every year and it is our responsibility as conscious citizens to protect the biodiversity that surrounds us. Join us in our journey to making this world a greener, cleaner place!

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