Economical Kid Safe Space Heater – A Guide From Eheat Experts

2nd Mar 2022

As parents, it can be challenging to choose a space heater for your kid’s room or play spaces, especially for the cold winters. Kids need to play, but they also need to be protected from the harsh weather. But with their innate desire to explore, installing a heating option that will not hurt them while in their little world is essential. If you’re looking to get a safe space heater for your kid, this guide is for you. Read on to know how you can choose the best space heater for your kid.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Economical Kid Safe Space Heater

In choosing an economical kid safe space heater, you’d need to consider some crucial features. Considering these factors would help you choose the best option for your kid’s space. Here are some of these factors:

  • Cost-friendliness

Heating can turn out to be quite expensive when compared to cooling. And with heating costs projected to rise in the coming months, getting a low-cost option is of high priority. So far, electric options are among the cheapest when pitted against more traditional options like gas and wood.

However, choosing an electricity-powered heater comes with some extra nuance. In choosing an electric space heater, you’d need to consider the upfront costs. This is the amount you’d pay to get each unit, multiplied by the number of units you need for your kid spaces. Also, take into account the cost of installation. Can anyone install the heater? Or do you need to hire a technician?

Additionally, consider the costs when you have the heater installed. What do the running costs look like? Is it more or less than your currently used option? How much does it cost to maintain? Ensure you choose a pocket-friendly option that meets your needs.

  • Efficiency

Efficiency refers to how well the space heater converts its energy input into useful heat. Does your heater use up a lot of electricity or fuel without generating or spreading much heat? A great option such as Envi uses only 500 W of power for a space of 130 to 150 square feet. This allows you to obtain maximum comfort for your kid while using low electricity.

To choose a suitable option, read up on product reviews and the technology operated by the devices on your list. This would give you a reasonably good idea of how to choose a space heater that will serve your kid’s needs.

  • Installation

When choosing a kid safe space heater, you’d need to consider the ease of installation and where you would install the heater. Kids need to be protected while using these devices, so an option that you can keep out of their reach is your best bet. If it is an electric or infra-red heater, check if you can install it at a height above your kid’s reach. No parent wants their kid fiddling around with gadgets they don’t know how to operate, so installation should cater for that.

  • Child-friendly Safety Features

A safe space heater keeps your kid comfortable and warm while ensuring that temperatures do not get too high. It should also come with additional safety features that ensure that your children are not caught in an unsafe situation. Here are some of the safety features to look out for:

  • Cool surface

Make sure that the space heater is cool to the touch, even at the highest settings. This will ensure that even if your kid reaches the device, they will not be hurt. The best options are devices with systems to keep the surface cool, even when running for extended periods.

  • Safety switch

A safety switch should be present to manually turn off the heater if you feel that the temperature is getting uncomfortable. This ensures you’re in complete control of how the heater operates and reassures you that your child is safe and comfortable.

  • Overheat regulation

A heater for your kid’s space will need overheat protection if the place gets too hot. Usually, an inbuilt thermostat will handle this. A thermostat is a device that automatically adjusts the amount of heating when the room’s temperature passes a specific limit.

  • Easy cord storage

If you plan to go for an electric option, this should be part of your bucket list. Loose-lying cords tend to trip adults (and kids) over and can be a safety hazard. As a rule, keep all cords neat and away from your kids, especially in their play areas. The Envi space heater comes in two hardwired options that connect directly to your house’s power source. Additionally, its plug-in option comes with a storage spot, allowing you to keep cords away from your children.

  • Tip-over switch

A tip-over switch is another innovative safety feature for a kid’s space. It is a device that automatically shuts off the heater when removed from its installation site, such as a wall or some other surface. Envi is one of the leaders in developing this technology. Its trademarked Wall-Sens technology automatically turns off the heater if it’s removed

from the wall.

  • Easy to use

When choosing a safe space heater for your kid, ensure that it’s one that you can easily operate. Usually, you’d want to go for something that you can operate by touching a few buttons instead of a complex series of steps.

Options for Your Kid Safe Space Heater

There are several kinds of heaters on the market. To know which is best for you, you’d need to understand some of their features. Here are a few options to consider for a kid safe space heater:

  • Convection Heaters

As thousands of users over the US agree, convection heaters are the best for safely heating large spaces. They use the room’s natural airflow to distribute heat evenly across the room, leaving a uniformly warm temperature. Various options exist, though, and some are not optimal for a kid’s space because they heat up. Envi solves this problem with its cool-to-touch surface, ensuring that the device remains cooled while the room heats up.

  • Radiant Heaters

Known to be silent and efficient, radiant heaters don’t necessarily heat the air in the room. They warm people and objects inside a room by sending infra-red rays at them. However, they are only suitable for small spaces. Additionally, they run the risk of starting a fire if placed near flammable objects. If you’re looking to heat a large space for kids, they may not be your best bet.

Choosing A Safe Heater For Your Kid's Space

In choosing a heater for your kid’s space, you’d want to pick an option that suits all their needs. To do this, you’d need to conduct your research and read up the specifications on all the options in your list. Ensure to read product reviews, as these would give you a good idea of how well the product will perform. This way, you’d be able to get a suitable heating solution for your kid’s space.


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