Envi Heater: The Ultimate Wall Heating Solution

9th Mar 2022

Dealing with cold weather in regions with frequent snow is a big challenge. While insulation and heating methods have become sophisticated in the past few years, there is still a lot of problem for users dealing with cold weather often.  Envi Heaters can prove to be excellent options in such cases.

This is because Envi has an  excellent reputation for manufacturing and providing customers with the best wall heating solutions indoors. We are going to talk about the Envi Heaters in this article and the various applications you can choose. Let us begin.

Envi Heater: The Ultimate Wall Heating Solution

Finding a good wall heater can be a challenge, but Envi Heaters provides the most interesting features for the most affordable prices. Following are the leading features users can get with Envi Heaters.


Energy consumption is the biggest concern for users, which is why Envi electric wall heaters come with the most cost-effective technology. Using Envi wall heaters indoors costs as little as 4 cents per hour. This brings the daily cost as low as 96 cents.*

Kid and Pet Safety

Households with children or pets are highly cautious towards wall heaters considering pets and children can get injured. Fortunately, Envi has child and  pet safety features and in-wall integration options, making the Envi electric wall heaters completely safe.

Pure Convection

Envi Heaters come with Pure Convection Technology, which makes the air more breathable. It gently warms the rooms and distributes the warmth without a fan while reducing the chances of airborne diseases and promoting healthier living.

Smart Zone Heating

Envi Heater manufacturers understand the importance of concentrated heating options. Thus, they have smart zone heating characteristics, allowing users to heat specific areas indoors, without wasting energy.

The zone heating system comes with different thermostat settings for each portion indoors. This allows users to have separate temperature settings for their rooms.

Enhanced Wall-SensTM Technology

The Envi Heaters come with an enhanced Wall-SensTM technology, which turns off automatically if removed from the wall. It is a good measure against accidents indoors. Similarly, the system cuts off power if the vents get blocked for some reason.

Silent Operation

Unlike other wall heating options, Envi Heaters do not make noise. This provides comfortable, totally silent, and easy heating options to users.

Simple Operation and Installation

Envi Heaters come with easy and simple installation options, which allow users to set up their wall heating systems completelyhassle-free, without needing to hire a costly contractor or electrician.

How can you Use the Envi Heaters?

Envi Heaters are the most versatile heaters in the world. It is an elegant and effective, yet affordable indoor heating option for users who wish to keep themselves warm and comfortable. The Envi Heaters are ideal for residential and commercial installations, alike.

Owners can use the Envi Heaters as a primary heating system or as a supplementary one thanks to its hybrid-heating solutions. You can either set the wall heater to warm up one section of your room or the entire indoors.

Let’s talk about some of the best places you can install the Envi Heater for smarter, energy-efficient, and balanced heating.


Envi Heaters come with smart and safe indoor heating options, making them an ideal addition for bathroom heating.

Users do not need to worry about chilly flooring, plumbing and rooms because Envi Heaters will keep your bathrooms warm and cozy before and after you visit them.


Bedroom heating is a key element of comfortable sleep, especially for users in a colder environment. Users can turn down the thermostat throughout the house, and let Envi Heater warm up the bedrooms only. It not only saves power but also helps focus on required rooms only.

Garage and Workshop

Unheated garages need a balanced amount of heating in the surroundings. However, air heaters can create a mess in the surroundings with dust and impurities. Fortunately, Envi Heaters provide dust-free heating options to ensure healthier surroundings.

Pet Kennels and Sleeping Area

Considering pet safety is important, as animals have a low heat tolerance. It doesn’t matter if your pet lives in a kennel or a designated sleeping area. Envi Heat lets owners adjust the heat levels, providing a comfortable option for users.

Mobile Homes

Mobile homes usually do not have the space for extensive heating and plumbing options. Fortunately, Envi electric wall heaters are a space-friendly solution that fits directly onto the wall.

These wall-mounted heaters provide better heating and comfort without taking up too much space in the area.

Moreover, the Envi Heater is only 4.17amps, allowing indoor heating without draining out the battery. You can leave the heaters on throughout the day, without worrying about tripping or elderly users burning themselves.

RV’s And Motor Homes

High wattage heaters are not the best options for RVs and Motor homes because these vehicles do not have sufficient power.

They cannot keep traditional heaters running for long. Users can easily install the Envi electric wall mounted heaters behind a couch, or a similarly small space. However, always ensure having an open-top vent before doing this.


Most homes have a good space in basements but cannot utilize them properly because of heating issues.

Moreover, these basements do not usually have ductwork, or furnaces, making it nearly impossible to install traditional heaters.

Fortunately, Envi Heaters do not need much. All users need is a wall to mount the system, and an electric outlet to connect the wall heater. You can run the wall heater from your basement, and let it warm indoors.

Commercial Establishments

Commercial buildings have higher heating requirements considering they have multiple guests, visitors, or residents. A single power failure in these buildings can compromise indoor heated conditions.

Fortunately, Envi Heating solutions provide an easy, AAA+ performance, for commercial spaces. Following are some ideal commercial places to install the Envi Heater.

  • Apartments & condos
  • Guesthouses & holiday cabins
  • Hospitals & doctors waiting rooms
  • Hotels & motels
  • Retirement villas & nursing homes
  • Schools & daycare facilities

The Bottom Line

Wall heating is a great way to ensure your indoor spaces remain in check, have easy, fully-controllable options. Finding the best solutions to heating issues is a big concern for many users. However, Envi Heater’s silent, cost-efficient, safe, and easy-to-install options make it the ideal wall heating solution.

*96 cents/day operating cost based on National Average Cost of Electricity at 10-11 cents/kWh (U.S. Total for All Sectors). Actual operating cost will vary depending on user’s cost for electricity.



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