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Freezing Temperatures Are Sweeping the Northeast This Spring

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Envi Heater and the Spring Arctic Blast

It is April everyone! Most of the time this means everyone is gearing up for the summer heat. Trying on the swimsuits and planning that summer vacation….but not so fast! April is not starting out as the beginning of summer but rather it is a breaking records for LOWS!

Record Breaking Low Temperatures!

Today on April 5th the Northeast is getting hit with record temperatures. Albany is 14 degrees below the all-time record high, and New York City is 7 degrees the all-time record high. This is almost unbelievable! Yesterday on Monday Rhode Island was 30+ degrees below the record!

I believe it is safe to say that most did not see this coming. With a winter than seemed more like spring most were not thinking that April would be when you would need to crack up the heat. Tell that to those in the Northeast. 

Winters – El Nino vs. La Nina

The winter of 2015-2016 was one of the weirdest winter in decades. December might as well have been September, but January felt like February with super cold blasts. All this is mainly caused by the El Nino in the Pacific and for every El Nino there is a La Nina.

NOAA is predicting the winter of 2016-2017, a La Nina winter, to be … cold! They went so far as to say “a return to frigid conditions and sno'mageddon” was there predictions. So is this blast of cold air a introduction to the next year?

Most likely not!

It does show us that cold temperatures are still alive and gives us a good reminder that Mother Nature is not tamed.

Envi Heater with weather patterns for April

Rest of the Week

The Arctic Blast that is coming down through the weekend. Tomorrow on Wednesday they are predicting recording breaking temperatures again! So are you ready for the unknown this spring?

The Today Show back in January ran a program about how to stay safe and comfortable in the winter temperatures. Here is an article on the show:

The Envi Heater was the only featured heating unit on the show! Be prepared the best way possible with the Envi Heater from

If you are in the Northeast - Stay warm my friends!

Economical, Safe, Simple

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